The Kali River in Dandeli, Karnataka is scenic but also features a challenging course for any rafting expedition.

1. White Water Rafting in Dandeli, Karnataka

The river has a blend of perfect flows and rapids, which gets the excitement soaring at every turn. Best Time to Try The Activity: November to February

The area is great for kayaking, as the pristine background offers tourists a sense of calm, while also giving them the thrill of being in control of the boat.

2. Kayaking in Palolem, Goa

Even if you are a beginner and have no experience in kayaking, this could be a wonderful first time. If you are lucky, you could even spot some dolphins! Best Time to Try The Activity: October to May.

Not an activity for the faint-hearted, paragliding helps you get an unparalleled sense of freedom, as you breeze through the skies.

3. Paragliding in Bir, Himachal Pradesh

Adventure junkies from all across the country gear up to explore the skies as they fly over the hill station. Best Time to Try The Activity: September to November.

It does not matter if you are a novice to the idea of trekking up rugged mountain slopes, this one is for anyone.

4. Trekking in Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh

The Beas Kund trek in Himachal Pradesh is a simple, short one that lets the traveller enjoy the sight of snow-capped peaks as they walk their way through the famous Solang Valley. Best Time to Try The Activity: May to October.

Set in Kannur, the Payyambalam beach is just like a real-life postcard. Here you can enjoy all the excitement of para gilding, but over the water and pulled at speed by a boat. Best Time to Try The Activity: October to April.

5. Para Sailing in Kannur, Kerala

Meghalaya boasts of a number of caves that offer tourists a peek into the deep underground, making their way through tunnels and winding routes several kilometres under the Earth.

6. Caving in Mawsmai, Meghalaya

For all spelunkers out there, here is your chance to chance upon mystery and maybe even fossils that go back millennia. Best Time to Try The Activity: October to January.

Havelock, in the Andaman Islands, is where people flock to have an underwater experience abundant with cobalt waters and coral reefs, and swarms of fish unperturbed by your presence. Best Time to Try The Activity: October to May.

7. Scuba Diving in Havelock, Andaman Islands

With its evergreen forests and lush dense thick undergrowth, Valparai is a trekker’s paradise. A true testament to the phrase ‘It is the journey that is important and not the destination’, marvel at the pop of colours that surround you as you make your winding way. Best Time to Try The Activity: December and January.

8. Trekking in Valparai, Tamil Nadu

The Pykara Lake in Ooty has a breathtaking magnificent aquamarine view that one could spend their day simply gazing at.

9. Speed boating in Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Whether it is the pines in the backdrop, the beauty of the greens, or the thrill of the speedboat, it makes for a very memorable experience. Best Time to Try The Activity: June to October.

The Mirathang Glacier is home to an ice wall that tourists can actually climb! After a tough walk through the snow for around 24 km, people are rewarded with a sight that few are lucky to see. Best Time to Try The Activity: May to July

10. Climbing the ice wall at Mirathang Glacier, Arunachal Pradesh

Daunting for those who have never known the mountains and a paradise for those to whom the mountains are home. Though the terrain is challenging, the view from the top is a sight that nothing can beat. Best Time to Try The Activity: July to October.

11. Hiking at Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

When the hustle of everyday life gets to you, why not take a trip to a spot where there is nothing but nature and you?

12. Snorkelling in Dawki, Meghalaya

A blend of crystal clear waters and a scenic background is what makes Dawki in Meghalaya a haven for those looking for peace and tranquillity. Best Time to Try The Activity: November to January.