Did you know that there is an e-scooter in India that doesn’t necessarily come with a battery, and hence, doesn’t require charging?

Bengaluru-based electric mobility startup’s Bounce Infinity E1 comes with a ‘battery as a service’ option. Wondering how it works?

“Our customers pay for battery swaps whenever they swap an empty battery with a fully-charged one from Bounce’s swapping network,” Vivekananda Hallekere, co-founder, Bounce explains.

The company claims that this system will bring down the cost of running the scooter by 40 percent.

The company has set up more than 200 swapping stations in cities like Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru completing 5,00,000 swaps and enabling over 2 crore EV kilometres.

“This smart framework will be available at locations like residential societies, key parking spaces, malls, corporate offices, etc for customers to find the nearest swapping station on the Bounce App,” informs Hallekere.

Bounce first started working on the swapping network idea in late 2019 co-developing it with a contract manufacturer. Later, in 2021 it acquired an EV OEM company and started to plan E1’s launch.

The EV is a bundle of attractive features — such as reverse mode, remote application, drag mode, cruise control, anti-theft, and tow alert.

The scooter is available to purchase at a price of around Rs 60,000 with a refundable reservation fee of Rs 499.