When assistive tech startup NeoMotion pitched at Shark Tank India Season 2, their idea was lauded by the sharks.

In fact, Anupam Mittal noted that if they could make the product at a lower price, they might even be honoured with a Bharat Ratna.

But what exactly got NeoMotion such acclaim? Here’s all you need to know about the startup.

When Swostik Dash was pursuing his MTech in Product Design from IIT-Madras, he worked on many projects that revolved around developing assistive solutions.

He came across an important lesson about people with disabilities. “Most of them needed the help of another person to use the wheelchair,” says Swostik.

Intent on solving this issue, in 2016 he started NeoMotion, a startup that then developed NeoFly and NeoBolt.

NeoFly, the Customisable Wheelchair: NeoFly can be adjusted in 18 different ways — including its height and width, the kind of wheels, and even colour — to fit each person’s body and environment.

It covers three to five times more distance for every push and the overall size is 30% smaller, which enhances accessibility.

The seats are fitted with their trademark, NeoCushion, which has curves and grooves according to the person’s legs, which enhances the grip and stability.

While the base price is Rs 46,750, it varies depending on the upgrades made by the user.

NeoBolt: This is a battery-powered clip-on device that converts NeoFly into a safe, roadworthy electric vehicle.

It eliminates the process of the user transferring into other vehicles. Instead, it can be independently attached by the user within seconds, using their hands.

The device, powered by a lithium-ion battery, can go to a maximum speed of 25 km per hour and covers 30 km per charge. The battery can be charged on residential power and takes four hours for one full charge.