Noida-based Sahasra Electronic Solutions, a part of Sahasra Group, has been in the news recently for developing the first ‘Made-In-India’ desktop motherboard.

The group has also started the production of ‘Made-In-India’ memory chips beginning September 2023.

These motherboards will be priced 10 to 15 percent lower than those of comparable Chinese brands that are currently imported by Indian companies.

The company was founded by Varun Manwani, an IIT Delhi graduate with over 20 years of experience in the field.

“We are the first company who has designed the motherboard in India. Up until now, they were either being designed in China or Taiwan,” Varun Manwani said in an interview with The Financial Express.

The company provides a range of services including electronic manufacturing services (EMS), printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication, design and development, and testing and validation.

It also manufactures its own products including memory devices, IT hardware, and embedded software solutions.

“Sahasra is already in talks with original equipment manufacturers in India, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, to sell its Made-In-India desktop motherboards,” as per The Financial Express.