Whenever Dr Chandril Chugh saw the condition of healthcare in India, he would ask himself, “Can I do something to help? Can I do more?”

The search for the answer to this question led him and his wife Dr Nivedita Pandey, a gastroenterologist and hepatologist, back home.

In 2016, they informally established the Dr Good Deed Clinic with the mission of providing timely intervention and equitable healthcare in rural Bihar.

“We wanted to intervene at the right time, as much as possible. We try not to let the patient’s health deteriorate to a point where they need hospitalisation or surgery, thereby reducing the burden on healthcare infrastructure, as well as costs incurred by the patient,” explains Dr Chugh.

Dr Good Deed offers affordable healthcare by consolidating laboratory work, pharmacy services, and doctor consultations at discounted rates.

Doing this is a way to provide one source and one point of contact for the patients, so they are not forced to travel to bigger cities to avail healthcare. Alongside this, they would also conduct monthly health camps and outpatient programmes in Patna and nearby villages.

In the first year, Dr Good Deed saw about 1,000 patients. Now, they see up to 3,000 annually, Dr Chugh says.

While he and Dr Pandey started with just one clinic in Delhi, today, Dr Good Deed has grown to five clinics across Muzaffarpur, Patna, Chhapra, Arrah, and West Champaran as well.

The couple has helped and treated thousands of people here every year with a team of consulting doctors from Delhi.