When Taha’s grandfather, Iqbal Husain, went to Kolkata in the early ’90s, he returned to Hyderabad with souvenirs from the city and a bag of 30 kg of tea.

When Iqbal returned from Kolkata, he wondered why not start a tea business along with the pharmaceutical venture that the family had been running for a century.

This was the start of Ispahani Company, a tea supply and distribution business, which would years later fuel the idea for Finjaan Cafe.

“While it was established in 2005 in the form of a small tea store, in 2012 we shifted the store to Banjara Hills Road, and in 2021 we transformed this into a luxurious tea lounge,” says Taha.

At the Finjaan Cafe, tea is the hero and the entire experience is nothing short of royal.

With more than 50 varieties of exotic brews sourced from Darjeeling, Assam, and China, and blended to the finest taste, your tastebuds will be spoilt for choice.

But the highlight is the ‘Tea Ceremony’ at the Chinese Tea Table. Here, every drop of the beverage is savoured and every aroma is taken in.

Taha says, “We lay great importance on the Tea Ceremony, which stems from an old Chinese concept that originated in the 13th century, of greeting the guest and then serving tea on the table.”

Describing the ritual at the cafe, he says there is seating for two at every table, and before the ceremony, the guests can choose two or three flavours of tea that they would love to try.

“As they then indulge in their conversation, they can sip on beautiful blends of teas, and refill their ceramics from a machine that is placed on the table that brews and pours tea directly into the cup.”

Taha suggests going for the Jasmine Pearl Tea and Blooming Tea.

He also recommends the Herbal Relief Tea for those who are looking to get help with their allergic reactions and for getting the body to fight these.

“The signature tea, however,” he says, is “the Wonder of Darjeeling, which has an unforgettable colour and taste.”

Salman Taiyebi, who founded Finjaan Cafe with Taha’s father, says serving people tea holds great meaning to them. “It rejuvenates and relaxes both at the same time.”