When Karnataka-native Nagamani, aka ‘Mani aunty’ was 24 years old, she experienced extreme hair fall.

It was then that a friend shared a hair oil recipe with her to stop the problem.

Within a month of applying the oil, the problem was resolved.

She was amazed.

She then started sharing bottles of this oil with her friends and family who would suggest she start a business. But she wanted to focus on her family.

Finally, in her late 60s, Mani Aunty decided it was never too late to start something new.

The recipe shared is at least 150 years old today

This was the beginning of Roots & Shoots – her homemade hair oil brand.

The 88-year-old says the making of the oil is a tedious process as it contains four oil seeds, two of which are expensive and rare.

The seeds are hand-pounded and added to the coconut oil and left under the sun for at least six weeks.

“This is what makes the oil different. We don’t grind or heat the ingredients and oil,” says her daughter Achala.

All bottles of a batch are hand-checked by Mani aunty for their quality and a 300ml bottle costs up to Rs 600.

During peak period, around 60-70 litres of oil are sold.

What’s amazing is that not a penny has been spent on marketing. It is all through word of mouth.

Apart from sales, Mani aunty says sharing the recipe with the coming generations is what drives her now.