Bengaluru-based fashion designer Anu Chhabra’s 1700 sq. ft. terrace has a beautiful organic garden with 250 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and even microgreens.

An active proponent of urban gardening she shares 20 tips to create a terrace garden.

Grow plants as per the local season

Keep rotating the plant frequently so that all the branches will have buds growing on them.

Start with plants that are low-maintenance, resilient and easy to grow.

Water the plants regularly and don’t obsess over them.

Deadheading should be done regularly to encourage more flowering.

Avoid opting for overcomplicated solutions available on the internet or elsewhere.

Prune (trim) the flowering plants regularly with a rust-free scissor/cutter and cover the pruned tip of the stem with soil.

Put your finger in the soil before watering the plant. If the mud sticks to your finger, the plant doesn’t require water for 1-2 days.

While growing vegetables/fruits, choose plants according to your family's needs.

Plants must be grouped, instead of isolating them from one another.

To enhance the quality and rate of composting, cover the kitchen waste with a mixture of dried leaves, dried cow dung and honge flowers.

Plant a few flowering plants in your vegetable garden to attract pollinators.

It is necessary to build a connection with your plants by spending time in your garden.

It is not advisable to compete with your gardening peers over the quantity of their produce.

Keep experimenting with various plant techniques and observe closely to see which one is the most viable for you.

It is advisable to grow aromatic plants if one is planning to have a vegetable garden.

Gardening needs patience. Do not rush your gardening activities.

Crop rotation ensures that nutrients in the soil are retained for a long period of time.

From kitchen herbs to ornamental succulents, each type of plant needs different potting mixes. Prepare them accordingly.

Worrying too much about your plants is not recommended. One should enjoy gardening as a hobby, not as a task with a deadline.