The Better India - Innovation Challenge

The Better India's Innovation Challenge aims at discovering, showcasing and promoting the brilliant ideas by India's children. It is a nation-wide three-month-long challenge open to children under the age of 18 in or out of school.

Our Mission

The Better India’s Innovation Challenge, 2018 is drawn on the philosophy that recognition and encouragement are excellent starting points to create an exponential wave of innovation and entrepreneurship among children at a young age.

Our Vision

TBIIC envisions to create a platform for young Indian innovators to take their ideas and prototypes to the next level of implementation. It is of extreme importance to give innovators a chance to rise above paper models and see their ideas take concrete shapes. With this challenge, our goal is to create a paradigm shift in student mindsets and prepare them to become the changemakers of tomorrow.


1. IS IT POSSIBLE TO MODIFY MY PROJECT AFTER THE DEADLINE? Modifications after the deadline will not be accepted.

2. IS IT POSSIBLE TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE AS AN INDIVIDUAL, WITH NO TEAM OR SCHOOL? The Better India Innovation Challenge is open for all students under the age of 18 as of the date of submission.

3. IS IT POSSIBLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A CERTIFICATE INSTEAD OF OUR STUDENT CARD WHEN ASKED? A valid certificate stating that you are a student can be used in place of a student ID.

4. WHAT IS THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION? The last date for submission is November 15, 2018.

5. CAN THE SAME TEAM SUBMIT SEVERAL PROJECTS? No. Each team can submit only one project or the challenge.

6. CAN A MEMBER OF ONE TEAM ALSO BE A CANDIDATE IN ANOTHER TEAM? A candidate has to be a member of only their designated team and no other teams.

7. HOW CAN I MAKE SURE THAT MY APPLICATION HAS BEEN RECEIVED? On updating your final document, a message will appear confirming your submission and an acknowledgement will be e-mailed to your registered email address.

8. CAN I CHANGE/UPDATE MY TEAM OR MY PROJECT? Once submitted, a project cannot be changed. However, team members can be changed after prior intimation to The Better India.

9. WHO SHOULD I SEND TECHNICAL QUESTIONS TO? WHAT ABOUT ADMINISTRATIVE QUESTIONS? Technical questions can be addressed from the “PARTICIPATION SPACE” itself or via an e-mail to:

10. WHICH LANGUAGE SHOULD THE ENTRY SUBMISSION BE WRITTEN IN? All entry submissions (project/video) should be in English.

11. I AM NOT A STUDENT: MAY I TAKE PART? Yes, The contest is open for all under the age of 18, whether you are in or out of school.

12. A TEAM CAN BE FORMED BY STUDENTS FROM DIFFERENT UNIVERSITIES? Yes. Teams formed of students from different cities or different schools are accepted.

13. WHICH VIDEO FORMATS ARE ALLOWED? Mp4 is the accepted video format. Videos can also be uploaded on broadcasting sites like Youtube and the link can be copied and pasted on your “PARTICIPATION FORM”

14. CAN SEVERAL TEAMS FROM THE SAME SCHOOL COMPETE? Several teams from the same school are applicable to enrol in the competition.

15. WHICH ADMINISTRATIVE DOCUMENTS WILL BE REQUIRED BY PARTICIPANTS? All participants will have to share a scanned copy of a School/University ID, along with any document to prove your identity, and a signed commitment form confirming your participation and the team you will be a member of.

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