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Why go back in time with our cookware?

Right from the time when humans invented the wheel to the modern-day, clay pots have remained relevant and extremely utilitarian.

While we have a range of non-stick pans that promise minimal maintenance, clay pots are the real deal when it comes to nutrition. Earthenware provides calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus to the food being cooked. Since they are alkaline in nature, earthen pots also restore the pH value of food.

What’s more, you require less oil to cook in an earthen pot since clay retains moisture, reducing the need to add extra oil to keep food from sticking. Slow cooking, which is impossible with steel cookware, helps the spices marinate into your food, making it tastier (yes, that’s the secret to biryani and curry tasting better when cooked in clay)

What to keep in mind while cooking in clay pots:

Cooking in clay pots comes with a few strings attached. They are mostly about maintenance.

  • Soap seeps into the pores of the clay and so, you cannot use dishwashing liquids or bars to clean them. Instead, pour boiling water in the pots and clean with a brush. For stubborn stains, use a brush to scrub.
  • These pots are not meant to fry food in.
  • If using clay pots in an oven, make sure you don’t preheat it. This will cause the pots to crack.
  • Place your clay pot on a low flame and if need be, gradually increase the intensity. Sudden high heat may crack your pots
  • Season clay pots regularly with vegetable oil so you can use them for a long time.

Tell me more about this!

Once you get used to the dos and don'ts of cooking in clay pots, you’ll love the cookware for what they offer:


What cookware can be more eco-friendly than one made of soil that is not extracted by the ton?


Except for fried food, clay pots go with pretty much every other form of cooking. They are equally good to use on stoves and in ovens.

Flavour & Nutrition

It restores pH levels of food, it provides vital nutrients AND it makes our curries and rice taste so much better. Clay pots are truly awesome!

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