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How Are Clothes Naturally Dyed?

Procured Yarn is cleansed of all impurities, and then then dipped into dye broth made from all natural ingredients, using no synthetic colours, fixers or additives. The dyed and treated yarn is then dried naturally and uniformly before weaving.

Chemical Dyes Vs. Natural Dyes

The textile industry has become the second-largest pollutant in the world. The harmful effluents discharged by the chemical dyeing process causes irreparable damage to our ecosystem. Additionally, chemical dyes are harmful for our health with components that are carcinogenic and toxic to our system.

Empowering The Underprivileged

DESI not just provides a market for handloom and handmade products but is also involved in advocacy work in rural areas and supports various grassroot movements.

Tell me more!

DESI strives to provide a decent livelihood for handloom workers in ecologically sensitive areas, introducing alternate forms of employment that provide an economically viable alternative to villagers. They focus on eco-friendly practices and advocate the rights of handloom workers.


DESI revives traditional practices of natural dyeing to ensure minimal ecological impact.


The products are priced fairly for both the producer and consumer - to make them affordable.

Rural Empowerment

DESI promotes rural enterprises by providing them with alternative means of livelihood.

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