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What is responsible consumption? And how we can make a positive impact on the world by choosing to practice it? Well, it’s simple really. We all need to use a lot of things, but these things take resources to make. We have to be responsible about how we make, use, and dispose of these things. And while we do it, we can support our entire community. The way we do things must become sustainable. This is responsible consumption.

There are many small things we can do and minor changes that we can make that lead the shift to a sustainable paradigm. The Better India is dedicated to bringing products and brands to you that will help make this shift. We look for products that have a positive effect on the environment by promoting sustainability, and products that support marginalized and underserved sections of society.

When you choose to consume responsibly, you are directly supporting this overarching movement. It’s all about taking inspiration and implementing sustainability in your own life, in whatever way you wish to. Every action we do to be more sustainable counts!

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  • Why is responsible consumption important for the environment?

  • How can responsible consumption provide support to marginalized communities?

  • How can these products promote better individual health and environmental health?

  • How is the cost of some eco-friendly products justified?

Why is responsible consumption important for the environment?

We use a lot of things. Things that make our life easier and more comfortable. Things that keep our homes and ourselves clean. Things that we take for granted.

And then, we throw it away. Once we are done with it, we don’t think of it anymore.

But the thing doesn’t just go away. It stays on this planet, collecting everywhere. More often than not, these things are made out of materials that don’t return to nature very quickly. And so they pile up, creating a problem for the environment that we live in.

Not only that, but as we continue produce things at an industrial level, we continue to mine the Earth for resources, leaving destruction in our wake, and not allowing enough time for nature to heal the damage.

It has become a serious problem for all living creatures on this planet.

We must shift to a more sustainable way of doing things. Part of that lies in resource management. We must opt for natural, biodegradable materials where possible. We must promote the upcycling of materials that can be reused.

When enough of us demand sustainability in the things we use, it will force the companies of the world to adopt their methods to suit this much needed paradigm. We have the technology and the ingenuity to make it happen. We must make the producers of the world become responsible, and we can do that by being responsible consumers. We can make them change!

How can responsible consumption provide support to marginalized communities?

There are a lot of communities in our society that do not get a fair chance to a safe and healthy life. However, there are many organizations that are doing the wonderful work of bringing a source of income to these communities.

There are many people in the remote reaches of our country who do not have an easy opportunity to earn a living, even though they have useful skills. Many of them cannot afford to move to a city, or lack the resources.

We want to give all of these communities an access to a ready and willing marketplace. In this way, we are able to channel income, and hence dignity of life, to these honest, hard-working folks. Everyone who is willing to work deserves a fair chance. In this way, we promote inclusive development, and all of society moves forward together.

How can these products promote better individual health and environmental health?

Health is of utmost importance. That means the health of the individual, and the health of the environment that the individual lives in. Many of the things we use and take for granted today are made with chemicals that do not belong in nature. Yet when we dispose of them or wash them out, those chemicals enter the environment nonetheless. And we end up putting a lot of chemicals in ourselves too!

We also want to promote products that use natural ingredients. If it comes from nature, you can be sure it’s good for you when you put it in you, and for the environment when you dispose of it. When we have healthy individuals in a healthy environment, then all of society benefits.

How is the cost of some eco-friendly products justified?

Many of our merchants are small, independent producers. We pride ourselves on providing them an equal access to the marketplace. Many of our merchants are organizations that do some great social work as well. We endeavor to make them prosperous so that they can go on doing the wonderful work they’re doing.

Major companies have to maximize profit in a competitive world. By making lots of things, and selling lots of them, they are able to offer a smaller price and still make a profit. As a result, they are under constant pressure to make things, and have no choice but to resort to easier to use (but non-eco-friendly) materials, and to continue to extract resources from nature.

So, you may save a little by buying a conventional product, but remember the cost to the environment.

We can turn this entire situation around. You don’t have to buy every eco-friendly thing out there, but when you can, it makes a difference to the whole system. As the demand for smaller merchants and eco-friendly products increase, they will be able to scale up their operations, and the cost of everything will come down for everyone.

And if we all get behind this and continue to promote this sustainable industry together, it could eventually force all companies to adopt sustainable measures. After all, they have to make what the people want. And then these products will be available to everyone for as cheap (or maybe even cheaper) than the conventional product you use today!

You will make an impact with each purchase you make.

You will directly drive forward the paradigm of sustainability. You will directly support a respectable livelihood for the underserved. You will be responsible for spreading the awareness and sensitivity to these issues. As more and more of us begin to think about these things, the more of us will react. The more people will partner. The more innovation will happen. The more impact will be made.

And who benefits from this? All of us.

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