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Ecowings presents this super strong, beautiful, waterproof, vegan leather bag, for only $84.50.

It’s made out of tires that would have otherwise wound up in a landfill!

Get it now!

FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US!

These bags are designed by professional designers from around the world and handmade by super skilled craftspeople in India. They use traditional know-how to make uber cool and modern bags out of old tires!

Ecowings is dedicated not only to making beautiful products and saving the environment, but helping these craftspeople and rural communities become self-reliant with employment and high quality skills training. That’s why these products are so great!

FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US!

These bags are coming to you from the heartland of India. It has passed through many hands, from the waste operators to the designers to the professional village craftspeople to you. We will ship it within 5 days of placing your order, and it will reach you in good time from half-way across the world!

A lot of material gets discarded because it’s no longer fit for its original use. But these are still usable resources!

Upcycling takes these discarded materials and gives them a new life.

Prevent pollution

The world produces millions of waste tires a year. In less developed nations, these tires are often burnt. For every 1lb of tires burnt, we release 1.7lb of CO2 in the atmosphere! Upcycling these tires reduces the need to dispose of perfectly good material.

No leather

This material is robust, strong, and waterproof. Not to mention total cruelty-free! Vegan leather at its best.

Reduce resource mining

Because we are using already available materials, we don’t need to grow fresh fibre crops to make new bags. This saves a lot of water, land, energy, and labour! Upcycling gives the earth a chance to breathe!

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