Upcycler's Lab is dedicated to teachig eco- consciousness to kids through games.

The environmental well-being of this planet is everyone's responsibility. Whether we learn it late or early in life, we are still accountable! Let's give our kids a head start. After all, they will have to take care of the world one day.

Let's learn about sustainability, together.

Here is a fun and educational game, which is perfect to teach your child at home, or to keep at your school, play group, or creche.


The board game itself is made from upcycled materials. So it teaches sustainability just by being sustainable.


Teach children to be eco-conscious through a fun activity. When playing becomes learning and vice versa, the lesson really sticks!


This game is an ideal thing to keep in a school, play group, or creche, where it can reach multiple kids (and their parents too!).

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