Mmmm… that is a tasty beverage!

We never really think about the harmless little straw we get with our soda, shake, or juice. But it really adds up. MILLIONS of plastic straws are used every day. That’s a lot of plastic waste!

A great substitute for plastic straws that you can carry with you wherever you go.

There is no denying that we have to take responsibility for our generation of waste. But why throw away something that you can just reuse? Steel straws to the rescue!


Bare Necessities is dedicated to promoting a zero-waste lifestyle. A straw is something we need quite often- here’s a way to use it without creating more waste!


India generates 25,000 tons of plastic waste per day. You can put a dent in that number by making a more sustainable choice!


Each year more than 30 million metric tons of plastic pollution are produced around Earth and about a quarter of that ends up in the water.

Did you know that seabirds can ingest as much as 8 percent of their body weight in plastic? For humans, that’s the equivalent of an average woman having the weight of two babies in her stomach! -Denise Hardesty of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation