Ragi Chips

It’s that time of the day that you’re craving a snack… How about something that’s tasty but also high in nutrition, not fried, and with no preservatives or artificial flavours? Green Canteen provides plenty of healthy options for those snack-time hunger pangs.

Nutrition can taste good too!

Contents: 1 pack of Ragi Chips

Weight: 35 g OR 100 g

35 g - Rs. 90

100 g - Rs. 150

Here’s a pack of chips that aren’t fried.

Whole grain ragi flour is season with rock salt and black pepper, spread thin, and then crisped to perfection.

Ragi is packed with iron and calcium.

Want a snack that’s tasty and nutritious? You can’t go wrong with Ragi!

Green Canteen

Green Canteen is out to promote nutrition and healthy choices. A healthy body means a healthy mind, which leads to a happy and productive life. Food habits play an important role in building & maintaining good health and we can impact our lives in a positive way by making small changes.

Green Canteen’s mission is to spread this knowledge and empower everyone with healthy and tasty choices with products that contain no artificial preservatives or flavours, and are not highly processed.

  • Healthier food options are a priority, given the situation of rampant malnutrition in the country. Good habits start at home. Join the movement and promote natural food with higher nutritional content and no artificial chemicals.