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Plantable Seed Rakhi- Each thread has its own story!

This Raksha Bandhan, don't just celebrate your sibling bond, but let it grow into something that will last forever, like the love you share. These rakhis contain seeds, so once the festivities are over, all you have to do is plant them, water them, and they will blossom into new life. Plus, they come attached to a seed paper card!

Not only that, but these rakhis are made with organically grown cotton with natural dyes, and support the livelihood of the farmers from MP who grow the crops and make the rakhis. What a way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan- by creating some lasting impact! It's the gift that will keep giving back.

From the Gram Art Project

These are just some of the designs of Plantable Seed Rakhis from Gram Art Project. Each one stands for a different concept and will come attached with a seed paper card.


Seedstomato, amaranthus, basil, purslane

It represents standing for the rights of the girl child

Go With The Flow

Seeds: bixa, amaranthus, basil, purslane

Represents un-tabooing of a woman's period


Seeds: amaranthus, basil, purslane

Representing eradication of gender wage gap


Seeds: pumpkin, amaranthus, basil, purslane

Celebrating the individuality of a woman

Live & Let Live

Seeds: papaya, amaranthus, basil, purslane

Representing standing against female infanticide

That's not all, we have dozens of Plantable Seed Rakhis of all kinds. This is just a peek. Check them all out at TBI Shop!

Plantable Rakhi Kit

Clay Rakhi with Seeds

Eco-friendly Seed Rakhi Kit with Planter

Raksha Bandhan honours the bond between brother and sister. The two are meant to protect each other. And to do that, we have to protect the Earth as well!

After the festivities are over, all you have to do is plant this in the ground, water it, and not only will it safely decompose, but it will grow into a plant!

For the rakhis produced by Gram Art Project, the seed bands are made from non-GM (Genetically Modified) & IPR-free (Intellectual Property Rights) indigenous cotton grown organically by farmers in our village, hand-spun into yarn on charkhas by women of Gram Sewa Mandal- Wardha, naturally dyed by artisans of Wrukshatone- Erode & converted into yarn bands embedded with non-GM, IPR-free seeds by women of villages in and around Paradsinga.

The Cards on which these seed-bands are attached are hand-made by up-cycling waste-paper without using any chemicals & hand-printed so as to avoid usage of non-local resources & energy as much as possible. These cards are also embedded with vegetables & garden-friendly seeds.

The seeds are sourced from the same farms where the artisans are working. So they provide income to a long chain of rural artisans and farmers! The farmers get 50% over the minimum support price (MSP).

These seed bands hold local seeds of the plants ; Ragi, Rajgira, Jowar, Rice, Purslane, Amaranthus, Mustard, Roselle, Tulsi, Indigenous cotton and Touch me not which can even be grown in pots or in a small garden at home and consumed in forms of vegetables and medicines. Some rachis also hold the seeds of some small and big indigenous trees such as Sandalwood, Bixa, Bael, Prajakta and Khair.

This is a step towards organic, chemical free, sustainable living and an exploitation-free environment and society.

  • You will support a whole chain of farmers and artisans in villages in MP.

  • Use organically, and responsibly grown materials.

  • Instead of storing or discarding the rakhi, you can give it back to the Earth, and Earth will give you something back!

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