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Plantable Raksha Bandhan Set

This entire set is biodegradable, right down to the packaging. Just plant the rakhi band after the festivities are done, and watch it blossom. The customizable card is printed on seed paper, and even the pencil is plantable (the seeds are in the gold cap at the end). Let's gift our siblings a greener world!

Contents: 1 Plantable Raksha Bandhan set, containing: 1 seed rakhi, 1 card on seed paper, 1 plantable seed pencil, roli-chawal, in biodegradable packaging

  • Plantable Rakhi (with Tulsi and Margiold seeds)
  • Plantable Pencil (with Lupine Seeds)
  • Plantable Letter (with Tomato Seeds)

Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 10 cm

Weight: 150 g

Strengthening the bond we have with each other, and with nature.

We all want our family to be happy, so we have to take care of the world we share as well! This Raksha Bandhan, take time to remember that we have a bond with nature as well as with each other. By spreading awareness and implementing eco-conscious measures in our everyday lives, we can all create a greener world for each other, together.


Plantcil is on a mission to bring sustainable choices to everyone. Take something as simple as stationery- even though we live in the digital age, we still love to write things down! So how can we balance our need for something as simple as stationery with our environment? After all, pencils require wood to make, right, and wood comes from trees, right?

Plantcil proves that we can make what we need and still reduce our demands on the environment. By making a variety of stationery items from recycled materials, they lower our requirements of fresh trees. In fact, for every 2500 recycled paper pencils, we save one 20-foot pine tree! And by promoting natural growth in everything Plantcil does, they spread awareness about our responsibility to take care of the planet.

All this impact in a simple pencil? You bet.

  • You will support the collective movement of recycling by increasing demand and awareness of such products.

  • The entire kit is biodegradable. Nature can take care of it!

  • The main parts of this kit can be planted and give rise to new life.

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