Why use lab-made chemicals when there’s a perfectly good natural alternative?

Soapnuts have been traditionally used in India for ages for washing hair, or mixed with herbs to create a soap. They are still used in some rural areas to wash dishes. Now that same goodness comes in a special foaming bottle for your home. Old technology in a new avatar!

We come from nature. So be natural.

The benefits of using Bubblenutwash hand-soap:


This soapnut based hand-soap is a perfectly good disinfectant and alternative to conventional lab chemical based hand-soaps available in the market. It’s especially good for sensitive skin.


The soapnuts are sourced specifically from farmers in Odisha, Uttaranchal, and parts of south India who get an income from the sale of this product. Let’s support our farmers!


When you use Bubblenutwash soap, you can be sure that you are reducing the number of lab chemicals that get washed out into nature. And you can reuse the specialized foaming bottle. Small steps like these reduce our footprint on the environment!

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