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It’s disturbing to see plastic litter everywhere. Even more so knowing that it’ll be there for up to 1000 years!

These beautifully designed items are made from areca tree sheath, sugarcane pulp (bagasse), and paper! That means they will biodegrade quite quickly.

We must choose wisely and responsibly, so that future generations too can enjoy a clean, green world.

AstuEco is a company committed to the reduction of dependency on disposable plastics and reducing pollution. Clearly, to do this we need a large behavioural change on a societal level. Eco-friendly tableware provides a great alternative.


These items are made from the wood of areca trees, sugarcane pulp (bagasse), and paper.


When the demand for such products go up, it will reduce our dependency on plastics in areas where we have greener alternatives. In time, this will become the norm, until we have an even better solution.


As we graduate from solution to solution, it creates a sweeping change in all of society. Imagine, 5 years from now, every restaurant provides only eco-friendly packaging! It’s good for the everyone and the planet!

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