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Cutlery in Banarasi Woodwork

Get these super unique cutlery sets, made by hand in the art form of Banarasi woodwork. You won't find these beautiful pieces in just any old store, they carry the skill of the craftsman, handed down over hundreds of years. Give your kitchen a touch of Banaras, and have a hand in reviving this amazing handicraft style!


4 different designs to choose from, scroll down to see more!

Contents: 1 cutlery set (fork, spoon, knife)

Dimensions:18 cm long

Weight: 55 g each piece

Material: The handle is handcrafted wood, and the metal is stainless steel.






The art of Banarasi wooden toys has been passed on from generation to generation by a community of skilled craftsmen. This craft of toy-making in Banaras is said to be older than the city itself.

For generations, the Banarasi artisans made toys like the spinning top (called Lattu in Hindi), rattles, dolls, and kabja boxes and sindoora for women to store their jewellery and kumkum. But in the modern age, the demand for such things began to die out, and with it this style of craftsmanship.

Lattu wants to preserve this beautiful art form, and provide a good income to these skilled artisans. Lattu works with these artisans to understand their needs, their working style, their tools and techniques; and without changing much, help them to make products that are more suited to the contemporary markets and lifestyles.

Lattu works with the artists, designs the product concept, and the artists recreate that on wood with amazing dexterity.

Lattu works with 6 artisan families currently and each of them have found new energy and spark in their profession, as well as better pay and a sense of security.

And now, this beautiful art can live on, and even find its way into homes across the country.

  • Culture and art are extremely important for us as human beings! But with modernization, many cultures and art forms are dying out or getting absorbed. But progress is not a bad thing. In fact, the modern age is some ways the best time for these traditional, ancient art forms to really shine. Shop these unique pieces and support a traditional art form, not to mention the skilled artisans who make them!

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