Reduce your plastic waste with these toothbrushes.

Did you know that ordinary toothbrushes are the second largest source of plastic waste after plastic bags? Bamboo is a far more sustainable option for something we all use daily!

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Good for your teeth and for nature.

A toothbrush is an item that we use every day. Who says they can’t look cool and be environmentally friendly too?


The bamboo is locally sourced. As a material, it is sustainable, strong, and quickly replenished.


Just pluck out the bristles with a pair of pliers and the handle can be composted. Current technology for biodegradable bristles do not meet desired standards, but it's a work in progress!


These toothbrushes are made by farmers from the village Velhe, near Pune.

*Due to current limitations in technology, the producers have chose to opt for nylon bristles, because it is safer for the user! 

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