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TBI Originals

Stories in motion picture. About incredible Indians and their amazing achievements.

180 Seconds

  • 005: More Than Rocket Science: What Makes ISRO's Journey So Extraordinary

  • 004: War on Potholes: Inside India's Most Congested City

  • 003: Vanishing Act: Bengaluru No Longer a Lake City?

  • 002: This Indian city has killed over 25 Million dogs!

  • 001: First In Asia, This Indian City Lit Up in 1906!

Sustainable Homes

  • Sustainable Homes: Episode 6: 89-YO Man Harnesses Power of Sun, Wind, Water & Earth!

  • Sustainable Homes Episode 5: Pune Society Saves 25 Lakh Litres of Water/Year!

  • Sustainable Homes: Episode 4 - Sun, Rain & Biogas: The 40% Mantra

  • Sustainable Homes - Episode 3 | 1 Lakh Litres Of Water From 3 Hours' Rain

Big Steps

  • Big Steps: A Lake By Citizens, For Citizens

  • The Couple With 1000 Homes

  • TBI Big Steps: India's First Tree Doctor

  • TBI Big Steps: The School In A Graveyard

Dream Catchers

  • Dreamcatcher - Episode 1

  • Dreamcatcher - Episode 2

  • Dreamcatcher - Episode 3

  • Dreamcatcher - Episode 4

TBI Talkies

  • Bengaluru Man Turns Metal Into Magnificent Art!

  • Odisha Innovator Wins President's Award 6 Times!


  • From Tetra-Packs to Trinkets

  • Outer Space in an 'Egg' Teaches Kids

  • Belt for the Blind Shows the Way

  • The Science behind Sonam Wangchuk's 'Ice-stupas'

  • Student Design Toilet using Water Cans

  • E-Rickshaws to save on carbon footprints

  • Eco-San Toilets

  • Water- Vending Machines

  • Indo-French Team Developes E-bike

  • Water- Vending Machines

Unsung Heroes

  • This Architect is Running to Raise Funds for Underprivileged Athletes

  • Doctor Siblings Pedal for a Cause

  • Eco-friendly tree house

  • Two Siblings Pitch in to Build a Toilet

  • Women Who Took On Male-Dominated Professions

  • Shayara Bano & the Triple Talaq Law

  • This Woman Risked Her Own Life to Save 7 Fishermen Lost at Sea

  • Indian Doctor Delivers 631 Gram Baby

  • One Woman is Championing the Cause of Girl Education in this Remote Village

  • Lonwadi got its first Toilet thanks to this Woman

MG Changemakers with MG Motor India

  • Episode 6 – Giving Life A Chance | #MGChangemakers Driving India Into Future

  • #MGChangemakers - Episode 5: The Young Gamechanger | Driving India Into Future

  • #MGChangemakers - Episode 4: WHEN SILENCE SPEAKS | Driving India Into Future

  • #MGChangemakers - Episode 3: EVERY RUPEE COUNTS | Driving India Into Future

  • #MGChangemakers - Episode 2: THE 21-YEAR JOURNEY OF CHANGE | Driving India Into Future

  • #MGChangemakers - Episode 1: Transforming Lives With A Paintbrush

  • A Year Later: MGChangemakers


Change that Matters with Exxon Mobil

  • Father's Struggles Inspires Son to Build Unique Farm Machines!

  • A Son's Unique Innovation for his Father

  • The Teacher Driver - Rajaram (Teaser)

  • The Teacher Driver



Fulfilling Dreams with Amazon

  • A Sweet Cup of Success

  • Fulfilling Dreams | The Sound of Passion

Reach for Better with Frankiln Templeton

  • Reach For Better: Episode 6 - Have A Goal

  • Reach For Better: Episode 5 - Seek Guidance

  • Reach for Better: Episode 4 - Never Too Late To Begin

  • Reach For Better: Episode 3 - Start Early

  • Reach For Better - Episode 2 - Step Up

  • Reach For Better - Episode 1 - Stay Resilient

Tech For Good with Accenture India

  • Why India is facing power issues? #TechforGood Episode 2: 'SmartJoules''

  • Find out why does it take so long to get ambulance in India? | #TechforGood Episode 1: 'eSahai'

#HappyFurnitureProjects with Pepperfry

  • Mental Healthcare: Beyond the stigma, stereotypes, and myths!

  • Working toward the help, dignity, support and care that the elderly in India deserve!

  • Working toward the help, dignity, support and care that the elderly in India deserve!

  • Mental Healthcare: Beyond the stigma, stereotypes, and myths!

  • Of fighting poverty, hunger, & discrimination - Day in and Day out!

  • Of fighting poverty, hunger, & discrimination - Day in and Day out!

  • Step By Step Towards Transforming India's Education System!

  • Step By Step Towards Transforming India's Education System!

  • 3 Brilliant Individuals Changing Lives Of Women Across India

  • Meet 3 Brilliant Individuals Whose Actions Are Changing Lives Of Women Across India

Choose your Age with Flipkart

  • Episode 7: Celebrating A 58-Year-Old Woman Who Attained Her 4th Master's Degree

  • Episode 6: Celebrating 86-Year-Old Saroja Banappa Who Didn't Let Loneliness Reduce Her Zest For Life

  • Episode 5: Celebrating 18 Year Old Who Is Inspiring Many To Grow Organic Food

  • Episode 4: Celebrating An Elderly Couple's Zeal To Fulfil Their Dreams

  • Episode 3: Celebrating A 14-Year Old Who Is Transforming Inmates Into Artists

  • Episode 2: Celebrating A 58-Year Old Who Is Bringing Single Seniors Together

  • Episode 1: Celebrating A 69 Year Old Who Helps Senior Citizens Find Love

True Heroes with Merck

  • Humanitarian - Damayanti Tanna

  • Philanthropist - Archana Suresh

  • School Master - Uma Venkatachalam

  • Taxi Driver- Gazi Jalaluddin

Boss Women with History Channel

  • Educating & Empowering Women & Children

  • Bosswomen - Rintu Rathod

  • Shah Kamat - Driving Instructor

  • Aarti Naik - Empowering Slum Dwellers through Education

  • Entrepreneur Beats Disability

  • Sonalee Shyamsundar - Empowering Special Kids Through Education

  • Shalini Datta - Empowering Women Through Art

  • Deepa Katyal - India's Voice for the Voiceless

  • Shamiksha Kamble: Thane's First Female Bouncer

  • Rajani Pandit- India's First Female Private Detective

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