New Realities

#NewRealities The India Chapter is a campaign co-created by Lenovo and The Better India to showcase women who have leveraged technology to create quantifiable social impact. From education solutions to women led networks — these changemakers are doing it all. They use technology to enable themselves as well as others with the aim to inspire enterprising young women to pursue their passions and empower themselves.

Seeing the abysmal state of the quality of education in some government schools, Jyoti Thyagarajan, a nuclear physicist decided to change it.
Yearning to make quality education accessible to all and wanting to empower teachers with brilliant training tools, she combined cloud technology with academics.
Realising the potential of the Internet, Sairee Chahal, a technological entrepreneur, decided she wanted to create opportunities for other women as well. She understood the need for an online space where women could speak their minds, and hence created a social media platform.
Today, with over 20 million users, her platform connects, helps and supports women.
Rose Gastler came to India for a short research project and joined a non profit organisation in Jharkhand. She was deeply inspired by the girls associated with the organisation and their motivation to learn and work hard. Understanding that sports can build confidence and skill, she decided to stay back and help them achieve their dreams by opening a sports school.

Growing up in a small village in Karnataka, Ashwini experienced first-hand the lack of opportunities for young women in rural India. Having defied the convention and expectations of her family and village, today she works full time transforming children’s technological education in villages like her own. She shares her stories with New Realities, a 360-degree film series that gives you a glimpse of the world of ten young women who are leading the conversation around the burning issues of today.


In an age where technology is rapidly evolving, how can we leverage it for good?
As part of #NewRealities, a campaign powered by Lenovo, The Better India brings to you a brilliant panel of women who have created quantifiable impact in different fields by using technology.

24-year-old Ashwini is trying to fill that gap by training teachers to use technology in local schools in remote villages. An inspiration for many young girls, she grew up in a small village in Karnataka where education was limited. It was after her best friend was forced into an arranged marriage at the age of 12 that Ashwini took the decision to forge her future.

Growing up in a poor family in an expensive city like Mumbai, was extremely difficult for Usha Jaiswar. Her father, a daily-wage labourer and mother working as a maid, have struggled for years to make ends meet. 

Nestled amidst the breathtaking but treacherous terrains of Meghalaya, the Dobu Agalgre LP School provides many students from nearby areas an opportunity to be educated. This government school in Songsak Block, despite the limited resources, continued to follow through and make a difference.

I felt subjects like Mathematics and Science were too complex for me to comprehend,” says Anjali Badalia, a 13-year-old living in a small village of Gurugram district, called Sanp Ki Nangli. But that changed last year, after a unique learning experience initiated by her teacher, Aamir Khan.

I knew that I was going against the norm in my family but it’s my career. A little research helped me understand that today IT is a diverse field with endless opportunities. I wanted to have a diverse scope in my career and so I had to figure out a way to convince my parents,” says Vrushali.

In a room full of people, Simranjeet would always find herself sitting in a corner, reserved and hesitant to ask questions or even start a conversation. A curious mind brimming with ideas and creativity, but her shy demeanour would often deter her from pursuing her dreams.

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“For a girl in a village, access to technology education can open up a world of opportunities–enabling social mobility, improved gender equality, and a chance to break out of the cycle of poverty,” says one of these brilliant changemakers.”

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Lenovo works closely with the following NGO partners to make technology accessible to everyone.

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