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Join Kids Karnival 2.0

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A Saturday dedicated to lots of fun, lots of stories, and a whole lot of learning -- while also helping hundreds of migrant labourers, daily wage earners and frontline workers.

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What is Kids Karnival

Here’s inviting all kids above the age of 7 to join ‘Kids Karnival For a Cause’: a 2-hour-long session of uninterrupted fun with:

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Vikram Sridhar

Listen on as the master storyteller immerses you into the mesmerising stories of people, animals, birds, trees and more. Here’s to an hour of laughter and family fun.

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Vimal Chandran

Learn to colour outside the lines and paint a story based on your imagination, from an acclaimed visual artist. Follow him as he takes you through all the steps of an artwork.

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Anish Kumar

Have you looked up at the sky and wondered what that bright star was? Do you want to learn how to identify many constellations on your own? Then this astronomy session is for you to learn the basics of stargazing.

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Not in India but want to participate?

No worries, we’ve got you covered! Just write to with the subject line ‘Kids Karnival’


It’s coming to you right at your home, on your screens. Just wake up, get comfortable and join us.


11 am to 1 pm, Saturday, June 6th. The registered participants will be provided with the link to join once the booking is done.


Open for kids and adults of all ages above 7. We recommend that parents accompany the kids for the astronomy session so that you can learn about the night sky together.


After attending this session, you’d be able to find objects on your own just by using a free sky-map. You will learn about the basic astronomical coordinate system and you’ll also be shown how to spot some constellations, stars and planets using a sky-map.

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Why are you doing this?

Well, this is the best part (lovely parents & guardians, this is for you). While your kids will enjoy a couple of hours full of awesome stories, painting and fascinating facts about the night sky — we will be able to use the proceeds from this session to support hundreds of migrant labourers, daily wage earners, and frontline workers who need our support in these times. All proceeds from this session will go towards #BetterTogether, a campaign by The Better India enabling civil service officers across the country to help the needy with essentials, ration kits, and prepared meals. Know more about the campaign here.

About Vikram Sridhar

Vikram combines his various interests and work over the years in his storytelling journey. Through folktales, he is trying to explore our rich heritage of oral literature which is slowly being lost and just sitting unread in books. He believes in storytelling as a strong medium of conservation, from nature to human relationships. A TEDx speaker, Vikram has spoken and performed in multiple prestigious conferences and workshops about the power of stories in our lives. When he’s not performing his stories, he is practising the rich folk singing traditions of our country.

About Vimal Chandran

Adept in various genres of art and photography, Vimal Chandran could be aptly named a Visual Artist! A self-taught artist with an impeccable flair for creativity, his work is often a skilful concoction of urban art, illustrations, graphic design and photography. Vimal reaches out to his followers through social media and his illustrations and paintings are popular among art enthusiasts across the world. His exhibitions have always been a crowd puller with one of its kind presentations.

About Anish Kumar

Anish has been an astronomy enthusiast for about 10 years. Ever since he had his first telescope, he has been very keen on sharing the view through it with his neighbours. Then slowly, the number of people who have viewed through his telescopes grew and could well be over 20-30 thousand. He established an astronomy club in his area which still has 700 members, and eventually found RiSa Astronomy. The objective is to create an interest in the night sky. He has taken classes in popular schools in Bengaluru as well as conducted astronomy sessions for many government schools and national science camps around the city. RiSa Astronomy is the pioneer in conducting astronomy camps in Bangalore and has been the very first astronomy group to popularise this format.

What Should I Come Prepared With

For session with Vikram: Just your desire to have fun, enjoy, laugh out loud, and relaxFor session with Vimal: Paper, water colour, pencil, brushes to paint a storyFor session with Anish: A notebook to jot down your learnings about the night sky

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