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The traditional art has found a new contemporary life. Blue Jaipur uses the technique to make mugs, jars and vases.

Glazed and hardened on low fire, each piece of the Blue Jaipur decor is handcrafted to perfection using borax, fuller’s earth, katira gond gum, powdered glass, quartz stone powder and water.

Tell me more about this!.

The rich heritage of Jaipur in the comfort of your home, empowering rural artisans along the way!

Traditional Art

With every unique piece of traditional art you purchase, you revive our dying crafts and give them a home!


Interestingly, this pottery does not make use of clay at all! Also, the dazzling blue dye comes from cobalt.

Generates Livelihood:

Not only do you get to revive an ancient art, but you also help rural artisans get the respect and livelihood they deserve for their skills.

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