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Goonj synonymous with The Better India

Goonj spreading awareness about positive India through hashtag campaign

New Delhi, Wednesday, July 22: Goonj, a multi award winning social enterprise will be a part of a Social Media campaign to spread awareness about positive change and social impact. The campaign is being initiated by The Better India which uses media & technology to drive social good. Goonj will be updating its initiatives on its Social Media channels and tagging the initiative #Goonj #thebetterindia.

Hashtag #thebetterIndia campaign is an initiative to recognise our country’s unsung heroes, change makers, grassroot innovations and more. Goonj and The Better India will also like to invite participation from the public. All that is required is to write a status or upload an image/a video and hashtag #Goonj #thebetterindia for any good deed or positive activity one has done or experienced. It could range from supporting a differently-able person to cross a road perhaps; or giving up your seat in public transport; or cleaning your locality; to growing a sapling.

Anshu Gupta, Founder Director, Goonj said about the campaign, “Goonj is committed to nurturing a culture of mindful giving and responsible citizenship in the cities and villages of India. The Better India’s work, especially this campaign, aligns beautifully with our goals. We hope this campaign inspires more people to take positive action for their community and world at large. For us in the middle of widespread negative news, the positive news, the inspiring stories matter for sure as that is what motivates all of us to remain positive and take actions .#Goonj#thebetterindia just gives you one more reason to be the change…”

We are excited to partner with Goonj, an exemplary social organization, to help create awareness about India’s unsung heroes, and to talk about the good deeds that all of us do on a regular basis,” said Dhimant Parekh, founder of The Better India.


GOONJ (means an echo) a multi award winning social enterprise focused to work on ignored basic needs like clothing, sanitary pads for village and slum India while changing the dynamics of giving & receiving with dignity. Using the city’s discard GOONJ is fuelling wide spread development work across village India. Over the last 16 years it has built a network of channels from urban to village India, dealing with over 1000 tonnes of material (including clothes & other household material) annually. Goonj reaches out parts of 21 states of India through a network of more than 250 grassroots organisations in the most far flung areas.


The Better India: Armed with the belief that positivity begets positivity, the husband-wife team of Anuradha Kedia and Dhimant Parekh visualised ‘The Better India’, a website that highlights positive news stories that generally lose out in the race to become a headline in print and broadcast media.

The purpose of their venture is to create awareness about lesser-known positive initiatives, and highlighting the unsung heroes and grassroots innovations. By showcasing positive stories, The Better India has been catalysing significant on-ground social impact.