The Better India and Belong have partnered together to bring to you the 
Virtual Global Apprenticeship Program 

The Better India 

The Better India is the world’s largest impact-driven, positive stories platform, reaching over 250 million readers each month, across languages – English, Hindi, Gujarati and Malayalam. 
With impact at our core, we love going the extra mile to inspire people, bring them smiles and offer them opportunities to grow and learn. With the introduction of this program, we want our readers to benefit from the carefully curated education modules that will open employment doors for them, and create impactful learning and economic outcomes. 


Belong is a platform that launches curious young minds into the global ecosystem of employment and learning opportunities through exciting immersive experiences. Affiliated with top tier brands across over 20 countries, Belong believes in transcending geographical and digital boundaries to bridge the gap between students and global employers. 
Belong works with some of the global leading universities and a vast ecosystem of entrepreneurs and companies to bring employability experiences to students. 

Virtual Global Apprenticeship Program 

TheVirtual Global Apprenticeship program brings you an opportunity to learn from a global network of mentors and entrepreneurs. Each apprentice has to consult on real-world projects with startups & companies from across the world and pitch relevant ideas & solutions to them. It provides an immersive professional experience with mentorship, virtual training and certification.