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Introducing D'Cal

India's 1st ever low cost, easy-to-use hard water solution for entire home.

Just drop it in your water tank.

Say goodbye to damaged hair, flaky skin, rusted pipes and stained tiles. Without wasting any water.

Steps to use:

1. Drop it in your overhead water tank.

And that's it!

Benefits of using D'Cal:

Save your pipelines and expensive appliances (like geyser and washing machine) from unsightly mineral deposit that can damage them.

Save your skin and hair from unnecessary damage.

Save loads of money. This device costs 1/10th the cost of traditional filtration methods.

Save energy (and light bill!)- this device doesn't need any kind of electricity.

Super easy installation. Just toss it into your overhead water tank. No plumber, no experts, nothing.

It lasts for 1 WHOLE YEAR. It's suitable for independent houses with overhead tank size up to 2000 litres.

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