Community Manager

Location: Bangalore

Experience required: 1-3 yrs

To apply, please submit CV to

The Better India ( is India’s largest constructive journalism platform. Our stories create large scale impact by turning inspiration into action. To accomplish this goal, we have to keep talking to people to the end of sharing ideas and solutions. For this we are hiring a Community Manager at our Bangalore office.Are you passionate about making impact in society that will benefit everyone? Do you want to see a positive change in the world? Are you a passionate writer and an expert at having conversations on social media? Then TBI is the place to put your ambitions and skills together to do something big!

As Community Manager, you will be managing our conversations and audience engagement across social media. You will be responsible for being the voice of TBI. This is a role requires creativity, teamwork, a broad understanding of all subjects under TBI, and unrelenting passion to do good.

As a Community Manager at the The Better India you will

1. Your main mandate is to have conversations across our social media channels, engaging people in a friendly, respectful manner. You will spark debates, and get people involved. We have to maintain a dialogue with the audience.
2. Take direction from the Editorial team on having conversations, and add your own unique flair to it.
3. Suggest other engagement tactics and ways to leverage social media to get huge engagement. It could be crowdsourcing, engagement campaigns, or other ways to get the audience involved with us.
4. You have a major part to play in increasing engagement across all social media channels.
5. Engage in brand conversations.
6. Create and run more opportunities for audience engagement, such as creating relevant groups, suggesting engagement campaigns, and so on.
7. Suggest new strategies for audience engagement, including how to attract new readers.

Our ideal colleague will be

1. Someone with 1 to 3 years’ experience in a community management for a digital brand
2. A passionate talker and writer, with a desire to spread positive impact
3. Extensive experience and understanding of social media platforms, current and emerging
4. You will set the tone and voice of brand TBI. We need someone who understands and can bear that responsibility
5. Someone who understands the ins and outs, the opportunities and possible pitfalls of having online conversations, and is aware of the potential consequences of posting any particular thing online
6. Someone with a cool head! You have to know how to handle a crisis should it arise
7. Someone who is organized, and can handle multiple things at once. Must be able to take direction and run with it
8. Flexible- there will be all kinds of things to be done
9. A pro at MS office tools whose thoughts come out as excel rows and columns
10. Extremely proactive and ready to take initiative and run with new ideas
11. An exceptional communicator with superlative written and oral communications skills, creativity, and attention to detail

Job Location: Bangalore

To apply, please submit CV to