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Terrabite – The New Convenient, Smell-free, Hassle-free Home Composter

₹ 18,999.00

Inclusive of all taxes

₹ 19,999.00

This festive season, bring Terrabite and make earth a better home.

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Making waste visible, beautiful and doable

The new year calls for new hope for a better planet and a new start to your composting journey. So bring home the Terrabite for a sublime composting experience. Daily Dump is where sustainability meets elegance.

Product Description

The Terrabite is designed for utmost convenience during composting. With the dual walled bin, you need not worry about smell, flies or anything else. The tap allows for easy leachate removal and the door allows for easy harvesting. No more lifting and shifting of units. Just dump your waste and cover with Remix Powder. No foul smell, no messy garbage pileups!

Know the Product :

  • Product Dimensions (inches) – 40.5″H * 19.5″L * 22″W
  • Terrabite is a home composter.
  • Every Terrabite handles upto 2kg wet waste a day.
  • Comes with accessories needed to begin composting right away.
  • Requires no electricity to run.
  • Use outdoors on a balcony, terrace or garden; away from direct rain.
  • Every Terrabite installed keeps away 700 kgs a year.

Directions for use :

  1. Mix Remix Powder with your daily waste in a bucket. Use the scoop for measurement.
  2. Empty this into the Terrabite.
  3. Cover with a layer of Remix Powder. 
  4. Repeat the next day.
  5. Fill the unit in 25-30 days and watch as the waste composts.
  6. Harvest rich nutritious compost in 25 days.

Why should you buy it?

  • Stylish: With modern design elements and refined style, it’s the perfect addition to your balcony.
  • Thoughtful design: Terrabite is a durable outdoor, all-weather product created from UV resistant and recyclable HDPE plastic. With a double-walled design for effective airflow and pest control, it incorporates a kid safety lock as well.
  • Convenience: Don’t worry about stirring the pile or shifting the bins. You don’t even need to clean the bin. Terrabite has transparent windows showcasing different stages of compost. It can also be used directly as a wet waste bin.
  • Odor-free: The odorless magic remix powder means that you can safely place the bin in your kitchen.
  • Bug-free: This is the only bug-free composter in the market, it is uniquely designed after years of experimentation.

Who is it for?

Someone who:

  1. has tried composting in the past but given up 
  2. thinks that composting at home does not work
  3. gave up composting at home due to bugs, worms, etc.

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₹ 18,999.00

MRP: ₹ 19,999.00 Inclusive of all taxes

About Daily Dump

Daily Dump is a design-led brand that develops composters and products to enable everyone to make earth-friendly choices easily. Every day our customers keep tonnes of organic waste out of the landfill at no cost to the government.

Founder Poonam Bir Kasturi says, “I asked what I need to do to make composting a part of everyone’s behavior. Everyone I spoke to said it would not stick, no Indian would be willing to do this, and it is a ‘dirty process’. So I wanted to create something that was so “ordinary” that it would fly under the radar of the grandmasters of waste — the municipality, contractors, experts, and naysayers. It would not be perceived as a threat, so it had greater chances of being adopted. I had the hunch that the inherent beauty of a natural process and the urgency of keeping 60% out of landfills will finally find some traction.

In these 16 years, we have increased the market appetite for a more sophisticated product that is convenient to use, fits into our urban landscapes, and can be shipped easily across the world.”

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Customer Reviews

I saw this new Terrabite composter at the launch event. I’ve been composting for eight years, and I thought it was a new design, different from the others. So I thought I’d try it for my new house. I’m excited that there is no more heavy lifting of the pots, so I’m looking forward to using this.

—Marcy Jane Murali, Bangalore

I liked the fact that it needed much less handling than the terracotta Mota Lota that I was using previously. My society also has large Aaga composters, and I thought this Terrabite is like that only. I am proud to say that I haven’t sent waste out in almost 20 years..

—Shraddha Kumar, Bangalore

This doesn’t even look like a composter! It looks really nice on my balcony, and also seems easy to use. I’m looking forward to getting rich compost for all my plants from this Terrabite.

—Manju Kamath (Vasu), Bangalore


What is composting?

When kitchen waste degrades in the right conditions it produces compost - which is manure for plants

Is composting recycling?

Yes compost is natures way to recycle our food waste. The nutrients then get back into our food chains.

What do I need to do in order to do composting in Terrabite?

Your Terrabite comes ready for you to begin composting as soon as you unbox it. You will need to buy the Remix Powder from our site once it is finished. Do sign up for a subscription plan to make it easier

Can I put in cooked food and non-vegetarian items?

Yes you can, just make sure you put enough of our Remix Powder

How long will this product take to fill up?

It will never “fill up”. You keep putting waste and harvest it anytime after the 25th day. As you take out compost after the first 25 days, the product will always have space to take in more.

When will the compost be ready?

In 25 days if you put the right amount of Remix Powder. We give you a measure with the product so you cannot go wrong.

How much compost will I generate with this product?

Around 10-15 kg every 25 days.

Can I add garden leaves and clippings to this?

It’s best to add leaves and garden litter to a leaf composter.

What can I do with the compost?

You can grow plants, donate the compost to the nearby park, or share the fact that you have a rich harvest of black gold on your social media and watch how folks grab it.

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