Reetha Shampoo Bar

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New Year calls for a new journey towards self-love

Ayurvedic, natural, chemical free, safe, plastic free and vegan. This new year, bring home Reetha Shampoo Bar to celebrate healthy & safe living.

Product Description

Reetha Shampoo Bar is formulated with the goodness of hair strengthening & softening herbs like reetha, coconut milk, aloevera, bhringraj, rosemary, amla, hibiscus flower, methi, brahmi & neem. The shampoo bar is suitable for dry & curly hair. The soap is completely handmade. Thus it is gentle, mild, safe & a superior choice for skin & hair care.

Know the Product :

How to convert it to liquid shampoo– Grate the shampoo bar into a heat proof container. Add 100 ml of boiling hot water. Cover with a lid & leave for few hours. The shampoo bar would have dissolved. Stir well & bottle up the liquid shampoo. Refrigerate the liquid shampoo.
Product lifecycle– 24m from manufacturing. However, as we use essential oils for aroma & therapeutic properties & do not use any preservatives, we recommend early use of our products

Directions for use :

  • Mildly oil your hair.
  • Rub wet bar on wet hair in one direction from roots to ends to work out a rich lather with the help of little water.
  • Massage well and leave on for few minutes.
  • Re-massage and rinse with water.
  • If needed, follow-up with Earthy Sapo’s hair conditioner. (For detailed instructions, refer, leaflet inside).

What is unique about the product? Why should one buy it?

  • Ayurvedic hair cleanser for dry scalp & hair
  • Handcrafted as per traditional cold process soap making method. No readymade bases are used.
  • Incorporates several hair loving herbs & natural ingredients like reetha, aloevera, coconut milk, methi, bhringraj, amla, etc
  • Natural & free from chemicals, preservatives, synthetics, SLS/SLeS, parabens, artificial hardeners, artificial lathering agents, synthetic colourants, synthetic fragrances etc
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Can be converted into liquid for ease of application
  • Non-medicated personal care product safe for prolonged use
  • Vegan & not tested on animals

tbi25 : Apply this Coupon Code on Earthy Sapo Website

₹ 206.00

MRP: ₹ 275.00 Inclusive of all taxes

About Earthy Sapo

Earthy Sapo is a personal & home care brand that offers natural, chemical-free & preservative-free vegan products. We are based out of Hyderabad, India, and are a licensed producer under the Department of AYUSH, Government of India.

Each of Earthy Sapo’s products has been uniquely formulated & is free from chemicals, preservatives, ready-made bases, synthetic colourants,or fragrances. Our products are handcrafted, the traditional way, from start to finish. We offer products in the bath, body, hair & home care categories.


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Customer Reviews

I got this shampoo bar as I was trying to make a switch from bottled shampoos . There was a learning curve for the first two uses . But ,I kept using this and now I can say that , my hair has gained back its natural texture which is wavy . Unlike ,the sulphates and silicon laden shampoos this does not give you that gloss or make it silky. It does help in managing the hair and scalp without over drying.


Prior to using this product I have tried shampoos of all top brands which even I forget the name of the product. Infact while using these shampoos my scalp was having a problem like huge itching with dryness. But after using your product I am satisfied that it does not have more chemicals to make more lather. Your product is good . Keep the ayurveda on top & make a chemical free environment.

—Anmol Damke

I feel so lucky to have found Earthy Sapo Reeta shampoo bar for my hair , I have been using this bar since almost 2 years now and I am so very very satisfied that, now I only use this bar for my hair wash.

—Anusha Botta, Hyderabad


How to use Reetha Shampoo Bar?

  1. Mildly oil your hair
  2. Wet your hair & bar
  3. Rub the bar between your wet palms
  4. Apply the bar on to your hair in 1 direction from roots to ends (do not apply just the lather. take the bar and apply directly)
  5. Use enough water to build lather
  6. Massage scalp and hair gently & generously to remove oil
  7. Leave for few seconds
  8. Reapply the bar and briefly massage again
  9. Rinse well with water
  10. Followup with a natural hair conditioner, if needed.

How to store the bar? What is its shelf life?

The bar needs to be stored in a cool and dry conditions with adequate ventilation. The shelf life of our shampoo bars is 24 months from manufacture subject to proper storage. However, as we do not add any preservatives or artificial stabilizers, and have plastic free packaging, we recommend that you use the bar at the earliest as the changes in the weather conditions can impact the form of the bar.

What to expect in initial uses?

After having used chemical laden & detergent-like shampoos for years, it will take time to get used to shampoo bars and witness positive changes. Please exercise patience and trust the nature

Are there any side effects to using the Shampoo Bar?

There are no side effects to using the bar. However, please read the ingredients and avoid the bar in case of any known allergies to any of the ingredients.

How many washes does the bar last?

As the usage of the bar is not dosage based, it would be difficult to quantify the no. of washes each bar would last. The consumption of the bar depends upon the hair length, quality of water, hair thickness, method of application etc.

Can Reetha Shampoo Bar cure hairfall/ dandruff etc?

Dandruff/hair fall/ pre-mature greying of hair, are manifestation of causes that are both internal & external to our body. While lifestyle related issues like sleep, stress, diet, etc are internal causes, the products that we apply externally (commercial shampoos, serums, conditioners, straighteners etc) are external causes. Our Shampoo bars help in dealing external causes quite effectively. However, for a cure, a holistic approach to health needs to be adopted both internally & externally. We do not make any medical claims for our products as our products as our products can address only external factors.

When do you suggest we make a liquid out of the bar and use?

Converting the bar into liquid and using can be helpful in the following instances -

  • if you have weak hair / hair fall problem as hair can get entangled in the bar
  • if you have thick or long hair
  • for first timers as its easier to apply and thus get used to natural shampoos
  • in humid conditions when its difficult to keep the bar dry and firm.

My hair has become waxy/oily, why?

Reason for waxiness/oiliness in hair after using the shampoo bar is:

  • excessive oiling of hair before using the shampoo bar. Please mildly oil the hair as our shampoo bar is a gentle hair cleanser and not detergent like the commercial shampoos. It might require several appliccations to remove execssive oil.
  • not building enough lather after applying the shampoo bar - it is important to to build lather after applying the shampoo bar (which can happen only with help of water) to facilitate easy massaging to remove the oil. If this is not done, then the oil does not get removed and hair feels waxy.
  • Rinsing shampoo before adequate massaging - if you rinse the shampoo off without sufficient massaging, oil doesnt get washed away causing hair to feel waxy

Why did my hair become frizzy or fall after using the bar?

The shampoo bar does not cause friziness or hair loss. Its the friction caused by incorrect appliccation that can cause friziness or hair loss. To avoid friction-

  • apply the wet bar on wet hair in 1 drirection only and not back & forth. This not only avoids friction but also chances of hair entangling into the bar
  • consider converting the bar into liquid and applying to avoid friction

Dos & Donts


  • mildly oil hair
  • apply the shampoo bar only in one direction - from roots till ends
  • after applying the shampoo bar, build lather first with the help of little water
  • massage hair only when sufficient lather has been built to avoid friction and hair breakage
  • apply excessive hair oil or not applying hair oil
  • applying the shampoo bar back & forth
  • applying just the lather on hair and not the wet shampoo bar
  • inadequate massaging

The Shampoo Bar is becoming soft/ melting, why?

Our shampoo bars are made following the traditional soap making process that retains glycerine, which is a by-product of soap making. Glycerine is a humactant that attracts moisture and keeps the skin hydrated & moisturized. As we do not add any artificial soap hardening agents, due to this glycerine, in humid conditions, the soap starts to attract moisture from the surroundings and become soft. It is a very natural process and nothing to be worried. We recommend you convert the bar into liquid in humid conditions, to avoid soap wastage

Do I need to use hair conditioner after using Reetha Shampoo Bar?

Hair conditioners help in conditioning the hair, making them manageable & also add shine to our hair. The type & need for a hair conditioner post using our shampoo bars varies from individual to individual. However, in our experience, you are most likely to need a hair conditioner in the following circumstances:

  • If you are a first time user of shampoo bars &
  • If you use hard water to wash your hair
  • If you have inherently very dry hair

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