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Farm to Doorstep Organic Fruits & Vegetables

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Delivering to Bengaluru Urban & West Hyderabad

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"Make your balanced diet a HEALTHIER one, by incorporating our selection of fruits and vegetables, which are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, fibre and minerals. Additionally, we offer 100% natural and organic staples, with ZERO pesticide or agrochemical residues."

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What is unique about the business?

Organic Tap serves as a bridge between two groups of responsible individuals who share a common goal of preserving and managing natural resources.

  • Passionate producers, the farmers who cultivate natural fruits and vegetables.
  • Planet-conscious and health-conscious consumers.

At Organic Tap, it’s an honour for us to bring these two groups together and foster a good culture and bond between them.

Delivering to Bengaluru Urban & West Hyderabad

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About Organic Tap

Organic Tap is an online marketplace that specialises in offering organic, natural, and eco-friendly products. The platform provides farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and value-added products that are naturally and organically grown. All produce is sourced directly from local farmers located within a 75-km radius of Bengaluru city.

One of the key features of Organic Tap is the ability for customers to choose their preferred farmer and arrange for farm tours. Orders can be placed online and products will be delivered directly to the customer's doorstep.

In the agricultural industry, the general rule of thumb is to buy from farmers for Re 1 and sell to customers for Rs 3. However, at Organic Tap, we follow a revenue-sharing model of 60:40. This means that for a customer price of Rs 100, the farmer will receive Rs 60 directly. The remaining Rs 40 will cover our operating costs — such as collecting the produce from the farm and delivering it to the consumer's home — at very negligible margins.

It's important for natural and organic farmers to prioritise productivity and profitability. As a means of addressing these issues, we engage in ethical business practices with very low-profit margins and a focus on increasing the volumes. Moreover, the farmers have control over the prices of their products.

Our ultimate goal is to conduct fair business that protects the interests of both farmers and consumers, while indirectly preserving nature.

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Delivering to Bengaluru Urban & West Hyderabad

Customer Reviews

My name is Sujata, I'm a homemaker. My family loves eating fruits, and it is difficult to trust the quality of the fruits available in the market these days. A friend of mine recommended Organic Tap and I'm so glad I decided to try it out. Everyone at home loves the produce and is very satisfied with the quality!

— Sujatha, HSR Layout, Bengaluru

I give full 5 star to Organic Tap. Ordered vegetables and fruits were freshly picked and delivered on time. I fully appreciate the philosophy of Organic Tap to supply only on two days a week so that freshly picked produce is supplied. I also appreciate the transperancy of invoicing in which it is clearly mentioned the amount paid directly to farmers and in each produce farmer's name is mentioned. Though there are limited items but they are committed to provide only organic produces. Good Initiative.

— Gurudatt, Bengaluru


Why are the fruits and vegetables not visually appealing?

As the saying goes, "Never judge a book by its cover," the same applies to fruits and vegetables. It's unwise to solely base our purchase decisions on visual appearance. While some produce may look visually appealing, they may contain harmful chemicals that can negatively affect our health and bio-magnify over time.

At Organic Tap, we grow our fruits and vegetables naturally, with minimal tillage and nutrient-rich soil that stabilises soil health over time. We also use plant-based concoctions for pest and disease management. As a result, the shape of our produce may not be perfect, but the nutrients they contain are of a higher quality and completely free from any chemical residues. This is in stark contrast to conventional produce that's widely available in the market.

Why are the prices of organic/natural fruits and vegetables too high?

Organic and natural farmers who strive towards sustainability reap the benefits of what mother earth offers in response to the inputs they provide to stabilise the soil and ecosystem health. This approach is in stark contrast to conventional farming, where the soil is saturated with nutrients to obtain higher yields, ultimately damaging the soil and environment structure.

Although the yield levels obtained by organic or natural farmers may be lower, their produce is of higher quality. As a result, the cost of their produce is slightly higher than conventional produce available in the market.

But shouldn't we be willing to pay a slightly higher cost for produce grown by farmers who prioritise our health and the health of the planet for future generations?

How can we trust that the produce is genuinely organic?

At Organic Tap, you have the option to select from our list of natural and organic farmers. We encourage you to visit their farms and observe their activities closely. Additionally, you can plan a visit to any of our farms at any time to ensure that all the farming practices are organic, with no agrochemicals used at any stage of the crop life cycle.

Why is there a limited number of products available on the platform?

While we have onboarded farmers who genuinely practise natural and organic farming around Bengaluru, the number of available products is currently limited. However, we are continually in the process of onboarding additional organic and natural farmers to expand our product offerings.

What is the minimum cart value and do you charge for delivery?

We offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders with a minimum cart value of Rs 299.

Which locations do you deliver to?

We offer delivery to all areas of Bengaluru Urban and the western part of Hyderabad.