MG Changemakers Season 2


The Better India is a catalyst of social change, which leverages the power of positive stories to inspire actions.

Brands in Action


The Lake Revivers Collective is a community of believers & changemakers – citizens, corporations and just about anyone interested in Saving India, One Lake At A Time!


Join Hundreds of School Girls in Replacing Toxic Menstrual Products


We are getting together with our readers to send gifts to organisations that are doing incredible work across different sectors — gifts that will make a difference in hundreds of lives.


  • TBI Originals - Surf. Protect. Repeat.

  • The Forgotten Ride of Happiness

  • TBI Originals - This is Parkour!

  • Big Steps Ep. 4: A Lake By Citizens, For Citizens

  • Gardening With The Kitchen Waste

  • New Uses for Banana and Hibiscus Plants!

  • Big Steps Ep. 3: The Couple With 1000 Homes

  • Big Steps Ep. 2: India's First Tree Doctor

  • Turning Memories of Loved Ones Into Trees

  • How One Man 'Bridged' the Dreams of Millions! - Ingenious Indians EP 1

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