This Heart-Warming Video Makes a Powerful Case to Ensure Inclusive Workplaces for Pregnant Women

With this video, Prega News sends a powerful message about empathy and kindness.

As more women enter the professional field in India, it is imperative for employers to make a concerted effort towards creating a more inclusive working environment for everyone. This statement especially rings true for pregnant women.

Not only do they have to deal with daily stress of working but they also have to cope with the numerous changes their bodies undergo due to the pregnancy. From backaches to edema, being a working pregnant woman can be difficult.

Perhaps that’s why research has shown that many women struggle to hold onto their jobs after becoming pregnant. According to a report from BBC in 2015, a survey conducted in Delhi showed that only 18-34% women continued working after their pregnancy.

Organisations can play a vital role in ensuring an inclusive working environment that brings out the best in their employees.

A comfortable and conducive place of work creates the perfect space for employees to be their most productive selves.

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As part of its #YourSecondHome campaign, Prega News has released a heart-warming video that highlights that crucial role played by companies in making the lives of pregnant employees easier. With this video, Prega News sends a powerful message about empathy and kindness and why pregnant employees deserve the best from their workplace to be the best.

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