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TBI Blogs: 6 Ways to Turn Your Terrace into a Cool Garden This Summer

With the peak of the scorching summer upon us, these quick suggestions will help turn any terrace into an oasis from the heat.

TBI Blogs: 6 Ways to Turn Your Terrace into a Cool Garden This Summer

A well-designed terrace is like an oasis of calmness amid the hustle-bustle of busy city life. A terrace is the most overlooked corner of your house. It has great potential to be turned into a beautiful space for you to relax.

If given due importance, and with the expert eye of terrace garden designers, your terrace can be turned into a Personal Retreat where you can relax, read a book, and/or sit in front of a mesmerising waterfall with greenery in the background.

We are in the middle of summer. We can assure you that even during the harsh summers, a terrace garden can be turned into a functional space. All it needs is a few decor changes, and your terrace is summer-ready. Terrace designers can create such an aura for your terrace garden in a way such that it can waive off the harsh sun rays as well.

There are several styles that your terrace garden designer can choose from – modern, minimalist, chic, or retro.

There are many elements that are incorporated by terrace garden designers to make your terrace “Summer Friendly”:

1. Waterfall

Terrace Garden Designers in Delhi

An outdoor waterfall brings the comfort of the indoors to your outdoors. A waterfall on a terrace garden acts like a natural coolant. The tranquility of the water has a calming and soothing effect on us. You can craft a relaxation corner for yourself with an outdoor waterfall.

2. Swimming Pool

Terrace Swimming Pool Designers in Delhi

Everybody signs up for swimming lessons as soon as summer approaches to beat the heat. If you have the space, then a terrace pool in your terrace garden can do wonders for you. It will be sheer luxury combined with relaxation. Terrace garden designers can design and construct a visually appealing terrace pool that will compliment the structure and load of your building.

3. Misting System

Misting systems are a must to keep your terrace cool and usable in the summers. A properly installed misting system will let the cool breeze encompass your entire terrace, making it breathable and functional in all aspects. With a misting system, you don’t need to worry about the scorching heat ruining the entire experience of a terrace.

4. Light Upholstery

Outdoor Furniture In Delhi

Light shades and light-coloured fabrics are soothing to the eyes in summer. Your outdoor furniture should have light-coloured upholstery fabrics to make it appear summer-friendly.

5. Covered Sitting

Pergola Designers in Delhi

A covered sitting on a terrace is like a gateway from the sun falling on you. You can either go in for permanently-covered sitting like a gazebo, or sitting with a retractable roof. A retractable roof can be installed under the supervision of terrace garden designers. It has a fabric shade which moves on rollers. You can easily roll out the fabric and get a covered sit-out on your terrace.

6. Save Your Plants

Terrace Garden Designers in Delhi

Your plants are the very essence of a terrace garden. It becomes inevitable to protect your flowering and green plants from the scorching heat. Add pebbles in the planters or pots to cover the soil. It increases the moisture absorption. You can also add water retaining granules to the soil.

All these features can be totally incorporated on your terrace in an aesthetic as well as functionally sound way by terrace garden designers.

For advice and consultancy on terrace gardens and other similar projects, visit Studio Machaan.

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