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Know Your Rights! Delhi Students Are Set to Be Schooled in Legalities

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For 1st May, students from over 2,000 schools across Delhi are to be schooled on their legal rights through a partnership between the DSLSA and the state’s education department. The initiative aims to improve a child’s legal awareness whilst educating them on matters that affect them.

Students from over 2,000 schools across Delhi are to be schooled on their legal rights through a partnership between the DSLSA and the state’s education department.

Students from classes 9 to 12 will be given the opportunity to learn legalalities from a range of professionals working the field, including sitting judges, former judges, public prosecutors, psychologists, social workers and lawyers, who have all been requested to take time out of their schedules to accommodate the initiative. Over 1,000 students are expected to benefit from this educational venture organised by the Delhi State Legal Service Authority, which is due to start on May 3rd. It has been reported that over 250 private schools have already enrolled in the programme.

“The idea to engage the fresh minds of students and instil a sense of legal and moral duties will not only benefit them, but work towards nation-building,” DSLSA member secretary Sanjeev Jain said to the Times of India.

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The Indian legal system includes many laws that aim to protect children from harm. For example, The Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929, prohibits a girl who is not 18 (age defined by the Hindu Marriage Act) to get married and Sections 294 and 509 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) prohibit any individual or group of people from passing any kind of offensive comment or executing any such gesture towards a girl of any age. Unfortunately, many unlawful acts continue to be committed and largely to due to lack of public awareness, the laws fail to take action.



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Legal awareness plays a crucial role in empowering youth to stand up for injustices, both targeted at themselves and others, and plays a key part in the creation of a more just society. By educating youth in matters such as understanding legal conundrums, legal rights, civic issues, fundamental rights, young people are encouraged to develop not only a consciousness of legal matters but cultivate a deeper understanding of their role in society and the issues that directly impact them and the people around them.

The organisers have designed a questionnaire for the students with the aim of getting to know the issues that they are most affected by. It is hoped that the organisers will use the data from the questionnaires to deliver information that the students would like to know.

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Written by Lucy Plummer

Born in London, UK, Lucy has traveled the world before falling in love with India during a 9-month backpacking trip in 2016. She's passionate about humanity, culture, food and mountains.