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Listening To This Folk Music Master Will Transport You To The Enchanting Beauty Of Meghalaya

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Have you heard folk music from the enchanting state of Meghalaya? We hadn’t until we got introduced to Bah Kerios Wahlang’s magical song. He is a folk music master from Meghalaya. His folk songs give a voice to the sacred forest of Mawphlang. If trees could sing this is how they would sound.

Listen to this folk song from Meghalaya sung by Bah Kerios Wahlang

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Lyrics (translation by Kyntiew Burom War)

The music that I love
The music that I love

The music that sends me deep in thought
It calls to me, It leads me

It’s as old as time
And it will last beyond the 4 seasons
It springs from the depths of the Earth
It flows from the heart of the Duitara (traditional guitar)
You can hear it’s echo in nature

Feel it soar from within the Duitara
It seeps into the veins
It moves into the soul


Gently, very gently
it will spreads it’s wings
and come to rest,
on the water, the land and the wind.

From these 4 simple strings
made of delicate silk,
it plays in my head.

It sings in my heart
It makes me yearn.
Just like the flow of water
an endless circle.
Night or day,
it moves on its own.

The music that I love
The music that I love

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