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Seeking Reusable Menstrual Products? Check out These 10 Brands for Quality, Affordable Options

Studies suggest that the average woman uses around 10,000 or more pads in her lifetime. A staggering number, isn’t it?

Conventional sanitary napkins and tampons are a cocktail of plastics and chemicals, and can cause a variety of illnesses with long-term use. Say goodbye to them with these eco-friendly alternatives that are good for you and the environment.

Conventional, mass-produced menstrual products are disposable, but only to the extent that you must throw them after one use. Once they are trashed, there is no recycling mechanism and these products end up choking landfills and contributing to the ever-increasing burden of trash on the planet.

Environment champions have taken it upon themselves to promote the cause of reusable sanitary products, particularly cloth pads and menstrual cups.

Left: Cloth pads (Source).Right: Menstrual cups (Source)

Not only are these products eco-friendly, but also hygienic and extremely easy to use. With women in India gradually catching up to the trend, the number of takers for these products are on the rise. Women are putting behind pre-conceived notions of reusable products being unhygienic.

Social media groups and NGOs are also helping to spread awareness on the need for sustainable menstrual products, not just among urban women but also rural and underprivileged communities.

While these products are still not readily available in local supermarkets and grocery stores, here are 10 enterprises that are making quality menstrual cups, cloth pads, and bio-degradable products available in India.

1. Eco Femme

Image source: Facebook

One of the most well-regarded organisations promoting sustainable menstrual products in India, Eco Femme invites everyone to “join the cloth pad revolution”. On offer are panty liners, cloth pads, menstrual kits and even a “Make Your Own” cloth pad pack. They also run a Pad for Pad programme, which runs educational sessions and free cloth pad distribution programme for girls in government schools and rural areas.

For more information on Eco Femme’s products and activities, click here.

In collaboration with Aakar Innovations, The Better India is setting up a sanitary pad manufacturing unit in Ajmer, Rajasthan, that will not only produce eco-friendly or biodegradable sanitary pads, but will also employ women from rural communities around the area.

Contribute for the campaign here.

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2. Silky Cup

This brand makes menstrual cups in multiple colours and three sizes, catering to women of varying age and body types. With a large fan following among women seeking sustainable and safe menstrual aids, the products can last up to a decade with care. Sounds much better than dumping a pack of disposable sanitary products on the planet, doesn’t it?

Shop Silky Cups according to your preferred size online.

3. Rustic Art

An online platform that encourages the use of natural, toxin-free products, Rustic Art offers a variety of personal hygiene products, including menstrual cups. Made of platinum grade silicone, the products are available in two sizes. The website also offers a compact collapsible menstrual cup kit.

Take your pick of menstrual cups on the Rustic Art website.

4. Shecup

Image source: Facebook

One of the most popular menstrual cup brands in the country, Shecup is manufactured by MediAceso Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and a product tested by gynaecologists. The volunteer-led team also conducts educational programmes and tree-nurturing initiatives. The Shecup is recognisable by its pale pink colour, and unlike other brands is available in just one size.

Shecup is available through multiple e-commerce sites. You can also place an order on their website.

5. Jaioni

Image source: Facebook

An initiative by Gayathri Subramanian, a cloth pad user who turned designer and manufacturer on realising the lack of sustainable menstrual products in the Indian market. Made with excess fabrics, the cloth pads are available in bright colours and prints and feature single pads (available in multiple variants) or kits with samples from each variant.

Check out Jaioni on Facebook or email Gayathri at 

6. Soukhyam by Kanika

Founded by Vasanthi Gopalan, Kanika is a Thrissur-based NGO that engages senior citizens to make toxin-free sanitary pads. Made from gel cotton and wood pulp, Soukyam is easily disposable compared to conventional pads. The initiative is inspired by Arunachalam Muruganantham, the ‘menstrual man of India’, who also provided the machinery for the enterprise.

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7. V-Cup

Image source: Facebook

According to the founders of this Kerala-based initiative, the product is based on the feedback received from women. The clear cup can be used for up to 12 hours o and, like other menstrual cups, is safely recommended for use during sports, swimming and physical activities. The products are available in a kit that includes sanitisers and coin tissues for convenience on the go.

Shop V Cup kits in three colours on its Facebook page.

8. Looms & Weaves

This is a Trivandrum-based store showcasing a variety of products made from Kannur handlooms. Among an assortment of products, the store also sells washable sanitary pads at affordable prices and promotes the causes of safe yet eco-friendly choices in menstrual hygiene.

The menstrual cloth pads are available for purchase online.

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9. UGER Pads

Image source: Facebook

This is an initiative of Jatan Sansthan, which started in 2011 as a self-help group initiative for underprivileged women in Udaipur. The group began crafting menstrual pads a year later, in 2012. The 100% cotton pads come in three styles: panty liner, pads for lighter flow and a regular pad with an insert napkin. The makers spruce up the products in bright hues and also offer a kit, which they call the combination potli.

Know more about UGER pads online. Write to the team at or call +919414168379 for quotes and purchase orders.

In collaboration with Aakar Innovations, The Better India is setting up a sanitary pad manufacturing unit in Ajmer, Rajasthan, that will not only produce eco-friendly or biodegradable sanitary pads, but will also employ women from rural communities around the area.

Contribute for the campaign here.

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10. Hygiene and You

This multi-lingual online platform seeks to educate and encourage the use of reusable menstrual products. It offers a mix of eco-friendly pads, menstrual cups and accessories from a number of brands. The website is also a knowledge platform, using text and videos to inform women about sustainable and hygienic menstrual practices.

Check out menstrual products and accessories on their website.

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