A TN Panchayat’s Innovative Solid Waste Management Practices Just Earned It an ISO Certificate

A TN Panchayat’s Innovative Solid Waste Management Practices Just Earned It an ISO Certificate


It wouldn’t be any less than a nightmare for any person to be forced to live near a dumping yard. The never-ending dumping of waste, stench of decomposing garbage and chances of diseases like dengue and malaria spreading is enough to put anyone off when house hunting.

Well, a town Panchayat in Tamil Nadu has acquired an ISO certification for its exemplary initiative towards redefining the functionality of a dumping yard with effective implementation of solid waste management practices.

Imagine a dumping yard that is lined with trees at the entrance, along with patches of land with crops of groundnut, spinach and sugarcane, and hazard-free areas for compost preparation – all that without even a reek of garbage!

T.Kallupatti, a small town in Madurai district, which was certified ISO 9001: 2015 by private accredited certification agency Quest Certification in March, has been employing effective measures of garbage disposal and so much more!

Apart from waste management, the key areas that were elemental towards the granting of ISO certification to the town panchayat included street light maintenance, water supply and dengue control among others.

It also looked at implementation of ‘House for All’ schemes and maintenance of bus stands.

Source: Wikimedia

Spanning over a period of six months, the certification committee made discreet visits to the town and had interacted with the public to assess the effectiveness of the services and schemes that were put into action.

“We hardly had any idea about the ISO certification. Looking at the success of our work, the Directorate of Town Panchayats had suggested the certification agency to check if T. Kallupatti would be eligible for the certification,” A. Kalaiarasi, executive officer of the town panchayat, told The Hindu.

A. Kalaiarasi, who had already received recognition from the government for her work as EO in T. Kallupatti and Alanganallur town panchayats, played an instrumental role in making the civic body eligible for the certification. “Until recently, we never knew about their visits. They intended to directly interact with the public,” she added.

One of crucial criteria for the awarding of certification remained the maintenance of records. The certification agency was blown away by the level of transparency and accurate maintenance of 63 types of registers, as mandated by the Directorate of Town Panchayat, during one of the surprise visits to the town panchayat office.

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The town panchayat of T.Kallupatti is one of the very few local bodies across the state to receive the ISO accreditation. Its efforts towards establishing a better environment and a functional society is something that cities and towns across the country must take note of and implement as well!

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