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What If the World Treated Typhoid the Way It Treats Depression? This AIB Video Will Make You Think

Through the video, the group hopes to address the stigma that is attached to depression.

The Indian comedy group All India Bakchod has found a hilarious way to address the stigma attached to mental illnesses like depression.

In their latest video, the team imagines a world where a physical illness like typhoid gets treated like depression does. In the skit, a number of people are seen reacting to someone telling them that they have been diagnosed with typhoid. In this alternate universe, no one takes the typhoid diagnosis seriously and instead start giving advice on how it can be overcome. That includes telling the patient that typhoid is “just a phase” and also asking him to exercise and overcome it.

During one of the scenes, a father and mother talking about their son’s diagnosis worry about how society would react if their son was treated for ‘typhoid’. The father angrily notes, “Do you want to tell the whole neighbourhood that our son has fever? His temperature has increased. His head is warm all the time. What will people think? People will say the whole family has fever.”

While, the skit itself may have the viewers chuckling, it brings to fore the harsh reality that those who suffer from depression quite often have to do so in silence and can’t even go for medical treatment because it has been so deeply stigmatised by society.

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AIB, which has uploaded the video on YouTube, has made it copyright-free, so anyone can download it and share it across all platforms in order to reach a broader audience. The group has also provided a wealth of information and resources to help anyone who might be suffering from depression. The goal is make people understand that “depression is an illness that needs to be dealt with proper medical attention.”

The video has been widely appreciated with people taking to the comments section to laud the group. It can be watched below:

Click here to get access to resources on depression through the Live Love Laugh Foundation here

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