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From Electrical Repairs To Hairdressing, Udaipur’s Elderly Can Get Any Service At Their Doorstep!

Udaipur Care is a "Senior Citizen Helpline" enabling elderly people living alone in Udaipur city to reach out for help and assistance in their everyday activities.

Udaipur Care is a “Senior Citizen Helpline” enabling elderly people living alone in Udaipur city to reach out for help and assistance in their everyday activities.

For Udaipur’s elderly and alone population, help is now just a call away thanks to Udaipur Care, an initiative recently launched by the district administration. The initiative provides door-step service, offering to take care of the everyday needs of the elderly at discounted or subsidised rates.

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According to the most recently published Census, almost 15 million elderly Indians live alone. The services available for caring for the aged in India in general is limited. Old-age homes are few, retirement homes are often too costly, pension schemes are uncommon and health insurance is high. Life for an elderly person living alone in India can indeed be difficult and lonely. Udaipur Care comes as a welcome initiative for India’s ageing population.

The initiative has teamed up with various organisations across Udaipur to provide service in medical, food and diet, repair and maintenance, laundry, gardening, health and beauty, shoe repair and vehicle repair. Their unique door-step approach recognises that for many elderly people, getting out and about can be a task and many are challenged by the activities of everyday living. The aim of the initiative is to ensure that senior citizens have easy and timely access to verified information and reliable services through providers that they can trust.

The program is mainly supported by Rotary Udaipur Mewar Service Trust, Fusion Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and PHP Poets IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Hansraj Choudhary, patron of Rotrary Udaipur Mewar Trust told the Times Of India, “We are committed to serve the elderly people through trusted information and reliable services so that they can feel safe, confident, valued and live with dignity.”

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A number of helpline and toll-free number services for elderly people are currently in operation in other states across India. However ‘Udaipur Care’ is claimed to be the first that provides door-step service.

Given that the initiative is so recent, it’s not possible to assess the impact that the service has had on the lives of Udaipur’s elderly, but it undoubtedly sends a clear message to Udaipur’s aged, you’re not alone and there are many organisations here to look out for you.

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