Matka Makeover: These Made-In-India, Eco-Friendly Clay Bottles Will Keep You Cool This Summer!

These 'mud' water bottles by MittiCool are eco-friendly, modern updates of the traditional water-cooling matkas and an example of Modi's Make in India.

These ‘mud’ water bottles by MittiCool are eco-friendly, modern updates of the traditional water-cooling matkas and an example of Modi’s Make in India.

Matkas are having a make-over thanks to clay product manufacturer MittiCool.

As summer rapidly approaches and temperatures rise across the country, staying cool and hydrated is a must. Thanks to eco-friendly clay product manufacturer MittiCool, you can now do both and ‘look classy’ whilst you do it with their latest but ‘ancient’ product: the ‘mud’ water bottle.

The water bottle is a self-cooling, eco-friendly terracotta clay bottle made from a special mixture of clay. “It is easy to clean and refill. Clay adds a unique flavour to the water. We use 100% natural clay as the raw material,” claims their website.

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The water bottle has been praised as the perfect example of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India initiative. Make in India is a Government of India initiative launched by Modi in September 2014. Its aim is to encourage multi-national, as well as national companies to manufacture their products in India. This water bottle is handmade in India using 100% local clay products.

And it comes recommended also.

Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had this to say in her tweet about the water bottle:

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Cooling products made of clay are nothing new in India. Matki or Matka (Hindi for earthen pot), have been in use since ancient times, found in the homes of people of every class. Traditionally, matkas are made by combining two types of mud clay: one from the earth’s surface and one from under the surface. The process can take up to eight days as the mud clay must first be mixed with water, shaped, finished, polished, dried and baked in a kiln before it’s complete.

MittiCool’s ‘mud’ bottle is a modern take of the traditional matka in both design and production.

Photo Source: Pixabay

Storing water in clay pots is widely regarded as being a far better option than plastic, which can contain some toxic chemicals unsafe for humans. Mud clay in its pure form is a 100% natural raw material and scientists claim that storing water in a clay water pot is the best way as not only does it cool the water down, it also provides healing with the elements of earth. The only important thing to remember when using clay pots for safe water storage is to clean them every three days and change the water regularly.

Get a head start on summer! You can visit MittiCool’s website here.

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