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Tea at ₹7, Lunch at ₹50 – Indian Railways Tweets Menu So Customers Don’t Get Overcharged

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Having received complaints from irate passengers about the quality of the food being served, the Indian Railways took to Twitter to make one thing crystal clear – it’s working on making things better and it works for the public 24/7.

And just to prove that it means business, the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has tweeted out the entire menu to the world to make sure no one is being swindled.

So henceforth people will pay ₹50 for a vegetarian lunch, ₹55 for a non-vegetarian one and they would pay between ₹30 to ₹35 for breakfast. And tea will cost ₹7.


Additionally, to address the myriad complaints lodged by passengers about food quality, the authorities also held a round table conference.

Here are some of main areas of discussion during the meeting:

1) Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu noted that in order to ensure good quality for passengers, state-of-the-line base kitchens will be built at several railway stations. Every two hours, fresh food will be picked up by trains from these kitchen facilities.

2) The railways had recently announced that it will be implementing a new catering policy to provide for the 11 lakh meals it serves its passengers every day. In this policy, the railways has separated the cooking and the distribution of food to different bodies. During the meeting, the authorities further discussed its smooth and immediate implementation. Authorities have also sought the participation of reputed caterers to improve the quality of services.

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3) Base kitchens will be mechanised to help minimise human error or human intervention, the minister further noted.

The railways has also urged the public to register complaints against any carrier in the railways if they are overcharged.

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