Who is a ‘real’ woman? A Poet Answers with a Series of Hard-Hitting Tweets

Who says 140 characters aren't enough for poetry?

What kind of a woman is not a “real woman”?

Society has time and again tried to define what women are supposed to be rather than accepting them for who they are, thus discounting the experiences and sometimes even the existence of women. Through a series of tweets, writer Shailja Patel threw light on the number of ways a woman is forced to conform to strict and impossible ideals in order to appease the world. And why this is something that must stop.

Her tweets have since gone viral within hours, with hundreds sharing her message.

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At the end of it all, she wonders who benefits from the extreme policing that gets shackled on women across the world. And it’s a question she leaves unanswered.

Who says 140 characters aren’t enough for poetry?

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