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500 Techies in Chennai Are on a Mission to Help Families of Farmers Wrecked by Drought

500 Techies in Chennai Are on a Mission to Help Families of Farmers Wrecked by Drought

Given that Tamil Nadu is currently in the middle of a severe drought that is adversely affecting farmers in the state, about 500 software professionals have come together to help those in their hour of need.

The drought, which was officially declared on January 2017, is one of the worst that the state has seen in 140 years. This has led to farmers committing suicide or losing their lives due to the stress of being unable to bear with the losses.

And that’s precisely why Vivasaayanadu Trust was set up.

Through this trust, initiated by techies from the city, support is being provided to the families of at least 10 farmers who lost their lives due to these hardships.

P Vetrivel, who started the trust, has been quoted by as saying that the group aims to provide long-term and short-term help to the families of the bereaved. He notes, “Our assistance plan spreads into three phases – immediate relief assistance, medium-term assistance to ensure livelihood and long-term plans to secure the future of their children. To enable the affected families secure a decent livelihood, we are planning to provide them with cattle or assist them to start small businesses and eventually enable them to continue farming,”

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In order to identify families in need the members have travelled to areas that have been particularly affected by the drought, such as Nagapattinam, Pudukottai and Kanchipuram, every weekend. Once they reach out to these families, they work with them to understand their immediate needs.

Ultimately, the goal is ensure everyone gets the help they require during their darkest times. And that’s exactly what these techies are hoping to do.

The team can be contacted here

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