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These 5 Awesome Resources Are a Woman’s Besties in the True Sense

These 5 Awesome Resources Are a Woman’s Besties in the True Sense

From tracking ovulation cycles to managing daily budgets, a host of resources combine technology and understanding of issues that are important for women.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, goes the iconic song. In contemporary times, however, women are letting go of sparkling baubles in favour of tools and equipment that make their multi-faceted lives easy and stress-free. From tracking ovulation cycles to managing daily budgets, a host of resources combine technology and understanding of issues inherent to being a woman.

1. Eco-friendly pads and cups

Image source: Pixabay

Disposable sanitary products—pads and tampons—are among the biggest reasons for choking landfills and are also breeding ground for bacterial infection and the potentially fatal Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Now, there are menstrual cups to save the day. Crafted from medical-grade silicone, these are reusable and comfortable. And they are simple to use — insert the cup, drain and wash when it is full and it’s ready to use again. Online portal Eco Femme offers menstrual cups as well as cloth pads at prices that don’t break the bank.

Eco-friendly pads are the perfect alternative for women seeking sustainable sanitary products but who are not comfortable using cups. Contrary to popular opinion, cloth pads are safe and can be easily reused once washed and dried properly. If cloth pads aren’t to your liking, try brands like Saathi whose pads are made from banana waste fibre or look for pads made from bamboo and hemp, which are more sustainable resources.

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2. Period-tracking tools

It is a truth universally acknowledged that menstruation presents varied challenges for women, each reiterating on a monthly basis. Period tracking apps have emerged as a helpful tool for urban women struggling to keep track of their reproductive health.

Debasmita Saha, a Mumbai-based professional, says, “Having a period-tracker in my phone helps me take note of every important and minute change in my body and my cycle. We fail to notice such details in our busy lives. I currently use Maya, and it is a life changer.”

Take your pick from apps like Maya and Clue or M Calendar, available to download on smartphones.

3. Financial planning

Image source: Pixabay

As women increasingly become economically independent, a plethora of resources have arrived to simplify the seemingly complicated process of accounting and budgeting. With an increased emphasis on digitising transactions, the internet has become a treasure trove of simplifying resources.

While apps like Mint and You Need a Budget will help you set budgets, tools like SplitWise also allow you to manage expenses in collaboration with others. Closer home, the increasing emphasis on online transactions has turned women towards digital wallets and online modes of payment.

4. Smart-tech devices

Image source: Wikipedia

The age-old saying about women being bad with technology is proving to be wholly untrue. Smart watches and tech-driven jewellery are gaining popularity, and prominent labels around the world, including the likes of Apple and Samsung, often redesign their tech devices keeping women in mind.

With increased emphasis on encouraging women to venture into male-dominated terrains like STEM or coding, it’s hardly surprising that women are embracing technology with open arms.

5. Female health platforms

Image source: Pixabay

Conversations about women’s health remains largely ignored, and sexual health is downright taboo. Fortunately, a variety of initiatives enables women to access healthcare more conveniently. Case in point: Celes Care is a virtual clinic for women, with doctors offering consultation via private web chat sessions. Another online platform, CupidCare, connects users to experts for sexual health consultation.

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More hearteningly, women themselves are coming together to address their specific needs. In 2015, Amba Azad and her friends launched a crowdsourced list of reliable gynaecologists in major Indian cities. Delhi-based Haiyya is leading a team of volunteers who lead community action for reproductive health. The organisation also aims to create a code of conduct for OB-GYNs later this year.

To access the crowdsourced list of gyanecologists, click here. Maya is available for download here and purchase eco-friendly sanitary products on Eco Femme’s website.

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