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Abandoned and Injured, Bhijili the Horse Is Now Embracing Life on a Prosthetic Limb

The group that rescued Bhijili, who lost her leg in an accident, also built her a small shelter.

She was found abandoned and injured, but is now on the path to recovery. Meet Bhijili, the horse fitted with a prosthetic limb after she lost her leg in an accident – and is now learning to walk on it.

Rescued by Animal Warriors, a group that brings together animal activists to share the services to serve animals better, the female horse was built a shelter and fitted with a prosthetic limb.

Sharing a post on its Facebook page, the group wrote, “Bhijili is an abandoned horse who lost her leg in an accident. We rescued her and built a small shelter. An amputation was done to remove the infected limb. It was hard for her to lose a leg, but slowly she started to adjust to the new life. She was in need of a miracle to get back to normal.”

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While Bhijili has been lucky, last year, police horse Shaktiman, who was injured at a political rally in Dehradun, did not survive despite being fitted with a prosthetic limb. He underwent surgeries for over a month but succumbed to his injuries.

But Bhijili’s operation was a success and she has now started getting used to the change.

The post credits the efforts of Dr Tapesh Mathur from Krishna Limb for Animals for the success. He was the same doctor invited by the Uttarakhand government to make a limb for Shaktiman.

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Known for making prosthetic limbs for animals, the veterinarian was contacted by the group over social media and informed about the horse. Bhijili had a fracture on her left foreleg – which was required to be amputated to save her.

Soon, Dr Tapesh left Jaipur for Hyderabad to take measurements, which he said was key in the success of artificial limbs.

“A mild difference in the measurement will make the whole effort go in vain. So, I went personally to take the measurements,” he told the Times of India.

The vet, who has earlier fitted prosthetic limbs on dogs and cows, said the horse needed to undergo physiotherapy for a few weeks as part of the recovery process.

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