Air India’s Recycle Green Project Has Cultivated 500 Kg of Vermicompost in Less Than a Year!

Using a process called vermiculture, Air India has now produced compost from waste material which it will now use in plantation of trees and gardening.

When Air India is not charting people across the world, it’s doing what it can to make sure to help the environment through “Green” initiatives. It has recently announced that through one of its initiatives it has been able to cultivate 500 kg of vermicompost in less than a year’s time!

The project, which has been dubbed, Recycle Green Project, has the organisation looking inwards to see how it can help the green cover around it. In other words, it will be taking scrapped waste material from its own premises and then using a process called Vermiculture to convert it.

Vermiculture is a form of artificially rearing and cultivating earthworms. These earthworms in turn will turn garbage into compost, making it viable fertilizer.

In order to ensure the success of the method, Air India collaborated with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and an NGO called Hariyali. Thanks to its environment management cell, the organisation has been able to produce the vermi-compost from 3,000 kg of green waste and dry waste found in its compound.

This compost will now be used in the plantation of trees and in gardening.

Image for representation. Photo source: Wikimedia

Asian Age reported about this initiative quoting an Air India spokesperson as saying, “The Recycle Green Project is aimed at helping prevent air pollution due to burning of dry waste, reduce CO2 emissions resulting from transportation of waste to dumping grounds, and recycle organic waste. It is 100 per cent natural and free from chemicals and will result in a healthier atmosphere.”

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It was in March of 2016, when the organisation reached out to BMC to come up with feasible ways to contribute towards the preservation of the region’s green cover and as a result of those discussions, four units were commissioned.

Looks like Air India is watching out for the planet in the air and on ground.

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