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The Cop Fat-Shamed by Shobhaa De’s Tweet Speaks out as Social Media Rallies Around Him

The Cop Fat-Shamed by Shobhaa De’s Tweet Speaks out as Social Media Rallies Around Him

If there is one thing most people can agree on is that body shaming and bullying should be actively discouraged and shunned. After all, unless one can actually walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, it’s impossible to understand and comprehend the trials and tribulations faced by others.

Unfortunately, writer Shobhaa De, who regularly draws ire for insensitive comments made through her Twitter, took to the social media platform yet again to do just that.

She posted a picture of an obese cop in uniform while poking fun at his weight through a pun.

Not only was his face not blurred in the picture, making him easily identifiable, De also incorrectly noted that he belonged to the Mumbai police force.

It wasn’t long before those on Twitter called her out for being unnecessarily cruel and pointed out the harm in body shaming.

While not on Twitter, the cop whose picture had been tweeted out, was not unaware of having inadvertently become the butt of a distressing “joke.” In fact, Daulatram Jogawat, an inspector with Madhya Pradesh police, has taken a stand against the writer’s comments about him.

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Speaking to Hindustan Times, the devastated cop spoke up and noted, “It (his weight) is due to my illness that I am so fat, and not due to overeating. I had gall bladder operation in 1993 and I developed insulin imbalance which resulted in my obesity.”

His superiors have also spoken up in support of him, noting that despite medical conditions, Daulatram is dedicated to his job and has been an integral part of many key investigations taken up in the region. The policeman himself notes that he is not averse to getting treatment for his medical condition, adding, “If madam wants, she can pay for my treatment…”

One can only hope Shobhaa De responds and helps someone in need. At the very least, maybe she will think twice before making fun of someone else.

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